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15 Saddest Things People Did To Impress Someone

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 5:01 pm

Everyone, at one point in their life, tries to impress someone else. Be it a girl or a boy, a teacher, an employer, or a customer for your business; we try to impress people. There's nothing wrong with it. However, some people do crazy and insane things just to grab people's attention and impress them. They pretend to be rich. They try to perform crazy daredevil stunts, etc. Read fifteen saddest things people did to impress someone. Sadly, most of the attempts didn't end on a good note.
4.It Was a Happy Ending Though

When I was 13 this guy tried to impress me by climbing the blow up rock climbing thing at an event faster than his friend. His friend climbed it in about 40 seconds. He didn't make it to the top because he slipped and fell. Multiple times. He finally gave up and came back over to me.
I'm married to him now.

It Was a Happy Ending Though-15 Saddest Things People Did To Impress Someone

5.Damnit Farukh!

When I was in high school, my best mate told this dude in our CPSHE class that this girl... liked cereal. So a couple of months later, he was paired up with her for some project in their psychology class. They went to the library to do their project and he pulled a box of cereal (coco pops), milk and a spoon out of his bag. He poured the milk directly into the cereal box and started eating it.
So then he said "you like that don't you, you like cereal". She said, in shock, "not particularly". Then he looked at my mate who was just laughing his arse off at the insanity he just witnessed then he yelled "Damnit Farukh".

Damnit Farukh!-15 Saddest Things People Did To Impress Someone

6.This Party Failure

My long time friend threw a party after high school graduation at his home so that he could finally talk with the girl he had a huge crush on. The girl shows up and gets really drunk only to end up sleeping with the guy she came to party with in HIS damn Room, He cried like a bitch later.

This Party Failure-15 Saddest Things People Did To Impress Someone

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