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Things You Don't Know About Sleep

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 12:28 pm

1.Counting Sheep Doesn't Work

The old adage that counting sheep can help you sleep by lulling your brain into a state of blankness. However, it is now been proven that the act of counting sheep can create a state of boredom where the mind then wanders into the problems of the day, causing unrest and furthering the inability to sleep.

2.The Brain Doesn't Actually Sleep

While our bodies are sleeping our minds are still at work, sending signals to solve problems, store memories, and much more. That's a lot of work restoring our bodies, and the reason why sleep is so important to good health. In today's fast paced world, it is important to find the time to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours per night.

3.Our Muscles Are Paralyzed During REM Sleep

When the body enters REM sleep the body goes into a state of paralysis to prevent the body from moving, and potentially harming itself, during vivid dreaming. The problem is that sometimes the mind awakens without the body and it can be quite frightening when the person finds that they cannot move. This is temporary, however, and nothing to worry about.

4.After Age 65 You Sleep Less

Sleep mirrors health, not just age. It just so happens that the older we get the more health problems we generally have, which can affect our sleep. Their whole circadian rhythm tends to change which causes them to fall asleep earlier and rise earlier, with less restoration during the night. That's why older people can be found napping more frequently during the day.

5.Men Dream Of Other Men 70% Of The Time

Most men will not admit to this, but some men dream about other men. It doesn't mean they're gay or secretly desire another man. While women dream equally of both sexes, men tend to have more male characters in their dreams. This does not mean they are engaging in sexual encounters in their dreams.

6.Sleep Positions Determine Personality

Sleep positions can determine your personality. Do you sleep on your tummy, or in the fetus position? The way you soothe yourself to sleep tells a lot about you and your history. People who sleep in the fetal position tend to be more open, while those who sleep on their sides in the yearner position, are viewed as more open but can be deceptive.

7.You'll die From Sleep Deprivation Before Starvation

A person will die within ten days without sleep but can last up to a few weeks without food. Without sleep a person slowly loses the ability to think and therefore act. After three days, a person becomes disoriented and hallucinates, causing the body to break down. The body deteriorates more slowly without food.


8.Blind People See Images In Dreams

People who have been blind from birth or from a very early age, dream mostly in sound and color, but those who became blind at a later time in life do dream in images. They report that they can"see" in dreams. The later they lost their vision, the more image style dreaming they experience.

9.25% Married Couples Sleep In Separate Beds

Back in the sixties television was only allowed to show couples sleeping in separate beds, as evidenced by the I Love Lucy Show and the Dick Van Dyke Show. As it turns out, today up to 25% of couples sleep in separate beds due to different schedules or sleep patterns.


10.12% People Dream Only In Black And White

Some people never dream in color, only in black and white. Back before color televisions became mainstream more people only dreamed in black and white. The real reason is that it is the recall of the dream that colors it. The better and more vivid the recall, the more color dreamers report to have experienced.

11.People Who Don't Dream Have Personality Disorders

Dreams can be interrupted for several reasons, one of them being medication, or certain drugs, including marijuana. Personality disorders can account for lack of dreaming, but more likely for lack of recall of the dream, or not entering REM sleep where dreaming takes place. It is usually not something to worry about, unless lack of sleep is the cause.


12.Faces In Your Dreams Are Only Of People You've Seen In Real Life

When we dream, the faces of people in the dream are only of those we have actually seen in real life. You may not recognize the person in the dream, but that is because you either actively remember them or not, but that doesn't mean you have never seen them. Strange huh?


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