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Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 10:48 am

1.USB Mobile Charger

Always have spare mobile chargers in your car. That way you are always online or on air. If you need help you can get it easily and also people can get hold of you.

2.Pen, Paper and Some Spare Cash

Pen and paper and a few coins or spare cash should always be available in your car. Coins to pay for parking, spare cash in case your plastic stopped working and pen and paper for various things.


Spare umbrellas are always handy and one cant always tell when it will rain. Having a designated car umbrella is a great way to go.

4.Paper Towels

Paper towels and tissues as well as a small hand towel. You might not know what you will be using them for, but sure will be grateful when you need them and they are there.


Blankets are good for the obvious, like blizzards or very cold weather. Often times car heaters go on the blink, so it makes sense to carry some. If you ferry pets around, then make sure you have your car seats covered with blankets too. These should be laundered often to avoid smells.

6.Paper Maps

A vehicle should always have a paper map in it, outlining the area the car is mostly traveling. Paper maps can at times be more reliable than other electronic methods.

7.Flares and Reflective Triangle.

We all know this, this is part of what you learn when you pass your license. If you break down you do not want to cause an accident or find another vehicle smacked into your car's rear. Flares can help SOS staff spot your car in an emergency.


8.Water bottles

Water bottles fight dehydration. You might also use them for taking medications, washing stains of your car or clothes. They should be changed often due to bacteria build up. You might also need them for emergencies.

9.Fruit, Nuts and Energy Bars

Non perishable foods, such as energy bars and dried fruit and nuts. You never know when you might get stuck in your car and be really hungry. This can also apply to simple traffic jams being sustained during the day will help you cope better.


10.First? Aid Kit

Some cars come with a courtesy first aid kit. Make sure yours is in tact and that it has any parts you have used replaced. Travel sickness pills is a great First Aid Travel Kit add on.

11.Car Manual

You should always have your cars manual in the glove compartment. The manual not only outlines the engines major parts, best oil matches and gas selections for your model, but also has simple instructions like how to best use the heater and air-conditioner for example.


12.Jumper Cables

Jumper cables, a flat battery attacks when we least expect it. There is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere and you cannot charge your battery. Plus, tow services are hellishly expensive. You can avoid that.

13.Spare Wheel and The Knowledge

This should be obvious, a spare tire. You should also know how to change a tire. If you don't know then get to know as soon as possible.


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