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Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 10:56 pm

Are you planning to go on vacation, or have a short trip to the nearest city? Get smart, and make your trip as simple as possible with our brilliant 15 DIY travel hacks. From rolling up dresses to making toothpaste chewies, we show you a ton of tricks.
13.Hair Conditioner, an Unsung Hero

You can use hair conditioner as shaving cream! It can be used as hair styling cream as well. This little hack will help you save little more space, or get the job done in emergencies when you have run out of shaving cream.

Hair Conditioner, an Unsung Hero-Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

14.Mail Yourself Soft Copies of Important Documents

Before leaving on a domestic or international trip, upload and email soft copies of all important documents like passport, visa, driving license to your own email ID. This will help you have access to important documents at times of theft or other unfortunate incidents.

Mail Yourself Soft Copies of Important Documents-Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

15.TVs will Have a USB Port

Next time you have lost a charger, or when your charger does not fit into wall sockets, check the back of the television in your hotel room to find a USB port that can be used to charge your mobile and other electronic devices. Most modern TVs are equipped with a USB port.

TVs will Have a USB Port-Travel Hacks To Simplify Your Trips

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