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Best Lion King Memes

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 7:12 pm

1.Well that is just silly

This is a good example of where cartoons let themselves down because they just do not make any sense whatsoever at different parts. How can he lift a rhino so easily but then fail to stop something that weighs a lot less?

2.Go Monty Python!!

Do you get the feeling that this is where the animators got their idea from? Surely it is too much of a coincidence that they both look so similar? In actual fact the Monty Python version at the bottom actually looks cooler.

3.Ahhh lion porn

Why did they have to do this? A nice movie for families ruined by the fact that they cannot get away from having a lion sex scene. Surely they are too young as well? What is the age of consent for lions? Does anybody know?

4.A deadly mistake

This is one of those mistakes where you stop and think that it could very well be the last one you make. We have all done something similar in that we think we recognize somebody only to discover it is not them at the last minute and we then feel stupid, but surely this is taking it to a whole new level?

5.How true

It must seem like groundhog day to Simba when he does indeed discover that today is the same as yesterday and tomorrow is the same as today. Oh wait because for him it won't be due to what happens next in the movie.

6.Take it as a warning

Well if a crazy looking monkey showed you this, then would you not stop and listen to what he had to say as well? The worrying thing here is you probably thought that a lion had bigger balls than that.

7.Bad signal

We have all been here with our phone and been holding it at all kinds of angles desperate to get some kind of a signal, so clearly if you are in the bush then you need to get as high as you can and start moving it around. However, why would a monkey have a phone in the first place?


8.Sounds saucy

Not only does this sound like a forward advance, but the look in his eyes says that he has something planned and he is convinced that it is something you are going to enjoy. You probably never knew that the movie had this sleazy side to it did you?

9.Be better if they were bears

Now see if they were bears, then perhaps this would have been a bit different although they would need to have a good memory. However, the bear king does not have the same ring to it so on second thoughts perhaps not.


10.A bit harsh

Well this may seem a bit harsh, but hey sometimes the truth does indeed hurt. This is certainly going to take a lot more explaining to Simba before it makes sense to him just as it does to everybody that knows anything at all about baseball.

11.Be afraid of the voodoo monkey

Go on be honest here because surely you would also be afraid if there was a voodoo monkey on the opposite team? They really are capable of being nasty and you would rather not fight against them because who knows what kind of voodoo stuff they will come up with.


12.Quite awkward

Well this would be awkward, but then the big question would have to be where they managed to get a c0ndom in the first place? What company makes them strong enough for a lion??


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