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Best Movie Spoofs Of All Time

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 1:38 pm

1.Police Academy

Police Academy ran on and on for years with a number of movies, but this original one is certainly the best. It is a spoof comedy that looks at the different police movies while trying to be a bit more of a serious movie. They do not manage the last part, but they do manage to make an enjoyable movie.

2.Spy Hard

This spoof with Leslie Nielsen takes two different genres and slams them together to make Spy Hard. On the one hand he takes James Bond, but then he mixes it with die Hard resulting in a cool comedy that is harmless enough to watch and good enough to waste a couple of hours.

3.Not another teen movie

This is a spoof of all of those teen movies that you see out there and they really do just try to make them look as silly as possible. As usual they go way over the top with what they do and ultimately they have created quite a funny film that you will enjoy.

4.Loaded Weapon

If you love Lethal Weapon, then you could enjoy this spoof film. It really is a direct take on that more famous movie and as like other spoof ones you will see a number of scenes that have been taken directly from the original. This is a great watch.

5.Scary Movie

If you love being scared, then this is a great movie to watch as you will see direct references to a number of different horror movies that were made around the same time as this movie. It is actually great fun trying to work out the movie that a certain scene is from.

6.Robin Hood Men in Tights

Robin Hood is an all time classic, but this spoof gives you a different take on things and it certainly presents the story to you in a different way. This is a great comedy and even though they try to be serious it just does not happen.

7.Blazing Saddles

Are you a fan of the western? If you are, then this is the spoof movie for you and you will enjoy it even more since it was made in the 70s and a lot of it would now be seen as politically incorrect. This movie is so funny from start to finish and you will be rooting for the hero throughout the story.


8.Austin Powers

Do you love the seriousness of James Bond? If so, then you may not enjoy this spoof comedy which really does poke some fun at 60s Britain. Mike Myers is brilliant as Austin Powers as they tackle Dr Evil and after this you need to watch the sequels.

9.Hot shots

If you loved Top Gun and like a comedy, then this is the movie for you. It is a complete spoof and you will recognize a number of scenes from the original movie, but of course this time they are done in a comedy way leading to a movie that you will just not stop laughing with.


10.The naked Gun

naked Gun is an all time classic and it really is such a good movie to watch. It really plays on the police movies that you saw coming out, but this time it is with a detective who is completely hapless at what he does leading to laughs throughout the movie.

11.I'm gonna git you sucka

This movie really plays on the idea of the black exploitation movies that were all of the rage in the 70s and early 80s. It really is a fantastic comedy take on all of this and you just know that the entire movie is going to be way over the top and absolutely brilliant to watch.



What can we say about this particular movie that has not already been said elsewhere? This is one of the best comedies of all time and it is indeed the best spoof movie to have ever been made. It is all about a disaster on a plane, as the name suggests, and if that sounds boring you could not be more wrong.


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