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Best Movies About Magic/magicians

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 7:34 pm

1.Now You See It

This is a movie from 2005 and produced by Disney, so you know that it is going to be perfect for children. It's all about kids and magic and is generally just a nice family movie to watch even if it is a bit boring for adults.


This movie stars Nick Cage and he plays the role of a small time magician who is basically scraping a living in Las Vegas. He can see into the future, but only two minutes ahead, which could still be useful, and it is all about how that power is used both for good and bad things making it quite good to watch.

3.The Great Buck Howard

This movie produced by Tom Hanks focuses on the career of an ailing Mentalist magician who has left the big fancy lights behind and is now struggling at smaller venues. It is a roller coaster story of the main character making it big again before fading back into relative obscurity and it is certainly quite a nice movie to watch.

4.The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

This is a very funny comedy from 2013 that is all about a magician who is trying his best to reunite with his old partner. The reason? He has to take on a street magician in some kind of competition, but he needs all of the power he can possible muster up in order to defeat him. Clearly pulling a rabbit out of a hat is not enough.


This was a low budget British comedy movie about magicians, but it is actually a lot more fun to watch than you probably realize. The story is all about two magicians that compete together in a competition even though they hate one another, so of course there is conflict with the actual magic being of a secondary nature throughout the movie.

6.Lord of Illusions

This is a horror movie that was released in 1995 and it is all about real magic rather than the stage version of cutting a woman in half. It deals with cults, evil, and it is a pretty cool movie to watch even though it will more than likely creep you out at different times.


This is actually a French and British animated comedy movie and it is really good fun to watch. It is all about the trials and tribulations of a struggling French magician in the late 1950s who moves to the UK in order to become famous. The entire thing is so well done that it did deserve to earn more at the box office.



This is a movie from 1953 and it is all about the man himself Houdini. It does star Tony Curtis as it is still a Hollywood adaptation of his life, but you can learn so much about how good he was just by watching this particular movie.


This movie may have came out in 1978, but it is still seen as being one of the best in its genre. It is a horror movie and ok there is not that much magic involved in it, but it is still capable of scaring you and gripping you and lets face it that is all you want from a horror movie.


10.Now You See Me

This movie is all about the exploits of some street magicians, but they are all brought together in order to perform one last trick which is to rob a bank. It is a clever movie even though the magic in it is pretty far-fetched.

11.The Illusionist

This is a period style film starring Edward Norton and it is all about magic being used in order to secure the love of a woman who would have otherwise been way out of his league. It is classed as a drama and do not expect it to be like a David Copperfield show.


12.The Prestige

This is a British thriller and as the Brits would say it is a jolly good watch. It comes from the novel of the same name and it will certainly grab your attention as you are taking along a journey that includes a number of tricks and the battle that two magicians have to try and become better at the art.


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