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Mind Blowing Facts About Pixar That You Probably Didn't Know

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 9:15 am

1.Their secret room

There is a secret room in their HQ, which everybody knows about, Why it is there is a mystery as one of the animators found it one day, but now it is hidden by a bookshelf and a key and is seen as being the hottest room in the entire building.


In the early days this company was struggling big time, so they had to take any kind of work that they could find. This led to them actually making commercials including some for the likes of Listerine and Tropicana.


In another example of the animators loving to get close to the action they actually went and built a full scale replica of the house that appears in the movie UP!. They made sure that everything really was the same and then spent time exploring it.


This was a rather insane idea, but there was an idea to use a wine with the Ratatouille figure on it in order to promote the movie. At which point did somebody ever think that this was a good idea when you consider it is a movie for kids?

5.George Lucas sold for almost nothing

Even though he founded it, George ended up selling his entire share in the company for just $5 million. He must look at that amount now and wish that he had held on for a bit longer because now his share would be worth far more than just $5 million.

6.Tin Toy

This was a short movie that they made in 1988 and it is seen as being the actual basis of the idea for Toy Story and if you watch it you will understand how that is indeed the case. All that happened was that some of the characters changed resulting in the massive hit we all know and love.

7.The animators

When it comes to doing the animation it is common for animators to work on just certain emotions as they have discovered that some are better at looking sad while others are better at funny faces. This does mean that they can end up working on a whole host of characters just to bring them to life.


8.Getting close to the action

If you have seen Toy Story 3 you will be familiar with the scene where Woody crawls through some trash. The animators love getting close to the story, so they replicated it themselves by crawling through some trash in their studio.

9.Toy Story 2

Believe it or not, but there was a chance that Toy Story 2 would have never made it to the big screen and instead it would have ended up straight onto DVD. The reason was that the boss hated it, so the team made major changes and boy are they glad that they did.


10.College grads

Pixar are in San Francisco and most of the top animators were in LA. This meant that Pixar ended up hiring people fresh out of college rather than going down the established animators route, but it has certainly served them well in the long run.

11.Pixar and Disney

Disney basically saved Pixar and the result of it all was Toy Story. At this point Pixar were struggling financially, but with the backing of Disney they turned it around and made one of the best animations in the history of mankind.


12.Luxo Ball

This is something else that they put in almost every single movie, so look out for the Luxo ball every time you put something on. Look out for the yellow and blue ball with the red star at all times.

13.They made a computer

In order to get better graphics they actually invested money on building a brand new computer that was capable of doing everything that they needed. They used this on the movie Brave in order to make sure that the hair was perfect.

14.Academy Awards

They are pretty good at winning awards and are closing in on a total of 30 Academy Awards as well as countless others from different people. This is all due to the amount of work that they put into the production of each movie and they get their rewards for doing so.

15.Nemo is in Monsters Inc

Pixar love to play tricks and one little trick is that they have managed to hide Nemo in Monsters Inc, but have done so in plain view. The idea here is that you need to keep paying attention as references to other movies or characters is quite common.


This particular sequence appears in every single movie and you can set yourself the challenge of trying to spot it as you watch them. Sometimes it is quite subtle how it gets on there, but others they slap it straight in front of your face, so be alert at all times.

17.A Bug's Life

If you look closely at the hand movements that are made by the character Hopper in this movie, then you may recognize them. The reason for this is that they modeled the movements on how the ex Apple boss Steve Jobs moved his hands.

18.Finding Nemo

This DVD is regarded as being the best selling DVD of all time as it has now sold in excess of 40 million copies. Of course it was also popular in the cinema, so it is one of their biggest hits ever.

19.John Ratzenburger

Every movie that they make must include a part that can be voiced by this guy. The reason is that they view him as some kind of good luck charm, but what happens when he goes to the great voice over in the sky?

20.Buzz Lightyear

We all know that Tim Allen voiced Buzz Lightyear, but fewer people realize that it could have so easily been Bill Murray. In actual fact the producers wanted him, but he lost their phone number and Tim Allen stepped in with the rest being history.

21.The early movies

Their first five movies managed to gross a staggering $2.5 billion and that is astonishing when you consider the amount of work that has to go into their production as well as the time it takes to finish one. At least from early on they knew they were on the right track with their animation.

22.Pizza Planet

If you look in every single Pixar movie, apart from The Incredibles, then there is a reference to Pizza Planet in every single one. This is like a running joke now with them seeing how they can include it without it being far too obvious that this is what they are doing.

23.The name

The word actually comes from a fake Spanish word that they say means 'to make pictures' but at least that does at least sound plausible as to how it got its name. Let's face it we would not be too bothered about its name as long as it continues to make great animation.

24.Star Wars

Pixar was actually founded by George Lucas who is of course the guy behind Star Wars. He actually started it back in 1979 when it was known as the Graphics Group before being renamed later on in its life.


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