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Morgan Freeman Quotes

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 2:54 pm

1.The question of faith is

In a world where science is often put at odds with faith, Morgan Freeman has somehow fused the two. He describes himself as a man of God and also a man of science. This kind of versatility has clearly served him well as an actor. It seems to serve him well as a man also.

2.I always tell my kids

As he enters his 90th year of life and his 80th year of acting, Morgan Freeman appears to as though his feet is still moving. Among his recently acquired passions is flying. He earned a private pilot's license at the tender age of 65 and currently owns three private aircraft.

3.Sometimes the best way

As a Black man born in Memphis, Tennessee of 1937 Morgan Freeman has probably had to do his share of fighting to get along in the world. Yet he shows no signs of bitterness. Whatever fighting he was done was probably only in self-defense.

4.Give me something interesting

It's hard to think of a more interesting role than Hoke Coleburn, the loyal chauffeur of Driving Miss Daisy. Torn between his sincere love of Miss Daisy and his own desire for independence, Hoke reminisces about their friendship. Freeman was nominated for a best actor Academy award for his performance.

5.He loves sharing his own wisdom

This quote may be obvious to anyone who has seen the man act. But it's just as obvious to anyone familiar with his provocative and often wise words. He loves playing characters who have wisdom. And he loves sharing his own wisdom with fans like us.

6.Life doesn't offer you promises

Among the many roles Morgan Freeman has played in his years prior to being "wanted" were an extra in the 1965 movie The Pawnbroker and Easy Reader on the PBS kid's show The Electric Company. Morgan seems to be enjoying his recent success more. After all, he's wanted now.

7.I have to remind myself

The precise context of this quote isn't clear. But even without knowing which friend he's referring to, we can all relate to the wisdom inherent in the words. We all know the confining and horribly limiting feeling of being caged up -- either literally of figuratively.


8.Man is immortal

At times, Freeman can sound like a spiritual guru, but once again it's hard to find fault with his actual words. It's also hard to not see the connection between his words and the kinds of transcendent roles he's been known to play over his many years.

9.I like the Character roles

It's not surprising that Morgan Freeman would be more comfortable playing supporting character roles. He spent a number of years as an unknown theater actor before finding stardom. Before becoming a household name in film, he won two Obie awards and critical acclaim for his work.


10.Learning how to be still

This sounds more like the kind of advice you'd get from some kind of mystical leader. And there's not shortage of people online eager to poke fun at the tendency to take Morgan's words too seriously. Just the same you can't deny the impact of his words.

11.Attacking people with disablities

It's hard to imagine anyone would disagree with this quote, but disgusting displays of power all somehow all around us - be they in politics or everyday life. You can always count on a straight shooter such as Morgan Freeman to take such insanity to task.


12.If you're playing someone

It's often forgotten how much of acting really just comes down to imagining what it's like to be somebody else. Morgan's career has demanded he imagine roles as diverse as God (Bruce Almighty) and a violent pimp (street smart). He's won praise for nearly all of his roles.

13.Morgan Freeman Interview

Morgan's views on race may be controversial but he can always be counted on to deliver an opinion that is honest and direct. It's also safe to say that many of his views are shared by others who may not say so publicly.

14.I live my life

Morgan's quarter mile at a time approach has obviously served him well. He's been nominated for five Oscar awards, winning one for a supporting performance in Million Dollar Baby. Best of all, at seventy-six he shows no signs of running out of gas in the marathon of life.

15.All my life, all my life that I can

"All my life, all my life that I can, as far back as I can remember, I saw my first movie when I was six years old. And since then I wanted to do that. I wanted to be a part of that." This quote makes perfect sense because it's hard to imagine Morgan Freeman doing anything else with his life except brining immense joy to the world through his acting talent. But then again, when you see him Bruce Almighty, you think maybe if God wanted to take a night off from time to time...


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