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Most Illogical Movie Endings

Friday, Jul 15, 2022, 9:58 am

1.The Hangover

The Hangover is a great misadventure movie involving four best friends who take their soon to be married friend, Doug, played by Justin Bartha, to Las Vegas for his bachelor party. When three of them wake up with Doug nowhere to be found, and no memory of the night before, hilarity ensues as they search for their friend and learn just what they did that night. At the end they find him on the roof of the hotel. How could he have been sleeping on the roof for two days?

2.The Life Of David Gale

David Gale, played by Kevin Spacey, sets out to expose the unjustness of the death penalty, with the help of Bitsey Bloom, played by Kate Winslet. His plan involved purposely planting his fingerprints at a murder scene. That might help his murder charge, but he is also on death row for rape. We never learn what he did for that charge.

3.Back To The Future

This question has plagued many viewers of Back To The Future, starring Michael J. Fox, as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd, as Doc Brown. When McFly is sent 30 years into the past by accident, he encounters his mother and father as teenagers. His teenaged mother calls him "Calvin Klein" because she sees the tag on his underwear. So why, when he comes back to present time, doesn't his mother, or his father, realize that he looks exactly like their friend Calvin Klein from school.

4.The Shawshank Redemption

The entire film, and it's long, was amazing. The Shawshank Redemption, starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, gives us a realistic look at life in prison. We are actually rooting for Robbins' character, Andy Dufresne, to make it, but when he reattaches the poster of Racquel Welch from the other side of the tunnel, we can't help but ask how?

5.Planet Of The Apes Remake

Tim Burton is known for directing films that bizarre, with strange facets to them. So we shouldn't be surprised that there was an illogical ending to his remake of the Planet Of The Apes, starring Mark Wahlberg as Captain Leo Davidson. When Davidson returns to earth he finds that the Abraham Lincoln statue now looks like General Thade, meaning Thade got there first. Wasn't Thade already defeated?

6.Vanilla Sky

A lot of the film, Vanilla Sky, could be confusing if you don't watch carefully, but we are just as surprised as David Aames, played by Tom Cruise, when he finds out that he has been sleeping for 150 years as part of a cryogenic programme and all the strange things that have been happening were a glitch.

7.Fight Club

What can be said about Tyler Durden? Would you want to be him? And if you found out that he was a facet of your personality, would you want to kill yourself? Well, the Narrator played by Edward Norton, decides to kill the "Tyler" within him by shooting himself in the mouth. It would all make sense if the Narrator didn't get up afterwards and walk over to the window. How could he still be alive?


8.Jacobs Ladder

The whole movie was a little out there, but the ending of Jacob's Ladders seems to be very illogical. As we invest our time in Jacob and all that he is going through, we are let down to find out that he really has been just laying on a battlefield in Vietnam and that this was all a dream as he lay their dying.

9.War Of The Worlds

Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning are great in War Of The Worlds and Steven Spielberg really outdid himself with the special effects, but the ending seemed a little bit too far fetched. How could Robbie have survived the massacre at the top of the hill? I guess it's all about the suspension of disbelief.


10.Reservoir Dogs

Mr. Pink, Mr. White and Mr. Orange, at first you might think we are talking about a children's book, but this movie was definitely not aimed at youngsters. Excellently written with amazing actors pulling off these characters, but at the end, if you look closely at the final shoot out Eddie is aiming at Mr. White, who is aiming at Joe, who is aiming at Mr. Orange. How can Eddie fall before Mr. White shoots his second shot?

11.The Number 23

When Jim Carrey falls into a deep obsession with a book and the number 23, we are right there with him. We want to know if this is all true, could this really be that everything in his life revolved around that number? Oh wait, he wrote the book in a mental facility.


12.The Game

The Game, starring Michael Douglas, took us down a path from which we may never recover. As we went through all the chaos, wondering what was really going on, we end up at a birthday party and find out it was all part of an elaborate prank. Even weirder, Douglas' character goes along with the fun.


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