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Movies That Make You Cry

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2020, 4:01 pm

1.The Blind Side

This movie is touching because you know it is a true story, so even though some things are changed to suit Hollywood it is still the case that you are dealing with a real person and that they did indeed go through all of this. Knowing that will often then lead to the tears flowing, but due to being happy rather than anything else.

2.Brokeback Mountain

This is a love story of a different kind, but at the same time it has certainly managed to set off a number of people and had them reaching for the tissues. People are generally quite touched by the love story and the emotions that they are going through and that is enough to set them off and start bawling their eyes out.


Yes adults can indeed cry at a cartoon and this has to be one of the first cartoons where that happened. You will undoubtedly know about the scene where the tears start to flow and you forget that you are watching something that has been drawn as you just feel the emotion coming through the screen.

4.My Sister's Keeper

This movie is all about illness and sadness is going to really be a prominent theme when you are dealing with somebody being ill. It is sad in a very touching way, so is that a bad thing at all when it is really about a human life and is something we can all relate to?


At first this sounds like a strange tear jerker movie, but it is all about saving people and it is actually a lot more emotional than you may at first think. However, the sad part kind of creeps up on you before beating you up to force those tears out whether you like it or not.

6.P.S. I love you

This is all about the guy dying, but writing a number of letters to help his wife though the grief and allowing her to find herself once again. This is such a touching movie that even just the thought of watching it is enough for some people and they start breaking down there and then.

7.My Girl

In the 90s this was a major tear jerker due to the way in which it tackles a very common issue, which is young love and the way that growing up really can be very difficult indeed. This movie has resulted in both children and parents ending up in tears although to be honest it is probably the adults that were worse off.


8.A walk to remember

You know when a movie is going to be a tear jerker when you read the synopsis and you already feel the tears welling up inside. This is such a touching movie that you will probably be crying like a big baby by the end of it, but hey is that always a bad thing?


This movie has been keeping the tissue industry in business for years because if you do not shed a tear with this movie there has to be something wrong with you. Of course you will know the scene in particular where the waterworks tend to start to flow, so prepare yourself and be strong to get through it.



Does this movie actually need any explanation as to why it ends up making the tears flow in copious amounts? Do we need to go through the movie pointing out the scenes where even hardened men break down in tears? Probably not, so just accept that it happens.

11.The Notebook

This movie is a sure fire way to get those tears flowing and it does it in such a clever way that it sneaks up on you before smashing those tears out of your eyes. This is a beautiful story that draws you in and before you know it you are feeling every single emotion as well.


12.Marley & Me

This movie is sure to get you reaching for the tissues and it is simply because you feel as if you are growing up alongside that ultra cute dog and you really do end up getting very emotional throughout the movie. However, the sad part is when the dog comes to the end of its life and that is where the tears will flow.


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