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Upcoming Disney Pixar Movies

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 4:12 pm

1.Legend of the Neverbeast

This movie is all about fairies and it does mean that it should be a hit when it hit's the screens in 2015. This movie is full of suspense, you find yourself rooting for the main characters and hope that they survive, and overall it is a movie that just works very well and delivers just like Disney does every single time. Yes it may be more for girls, but that is fine as it will still do well and you can just imagine all of the merchandise that will follow.


Zootopia is cool as it focuses on a fox that wants to escape its world, but ends up being framed for a crime he did not commit. He is then chased by the top rabbit cop, but the two become friends and go on a journey where they try to work out who is actually guilty and to get him in the clear. It is clever, it is funny, and it is one that you would love to watch.

3.Finding Dory

Finding Dory is going to take you back to the same world as Finding Nemo, but do not allow this to put you off. Instead, this movie focuses on that lovely little blue fish and tells a story about relationships and family and it is certainly a great little movie that you and your kids will love. It does not come out until 2015, so there is time to wait, but it should be worth it when it does hit the screens.

4.Inside Out

This movie is clever in that it deals with emotions after moving and it is played out via these five characters where they all represent different things. The movie is very well made, the storyline is interesting without being too complex, and overall it is something that your kids should enjoy as it has the usual mixture of humor, sadness, and them being able to really root for the hero.

5.Big Hero 6

This movie is going to be a lot of fun as it is all about a robotics guy who ends up in the middle of a major plot to destroy San Fransokyo, yes that is the name, and it is a fast paced movie for kids. Think of a superhero movie where everybody is just learning to be a superhero and you basically have this film making it a lot of fun with a lot of humorous parts in it.

6.Planes: Fire & Rescue

This is another installment from the Planes series, but this time it is focusing on fire and rescue, as the name suggests, and even though it may not be the best series they have produced it is still nice clean fun that children will probably quite enjoy. This story is all about them fighting wildfires and even though it may sound like a serious subject, which it is, you will find that it just about works as the storyline.

7.Party Central

This may only be in the region of six minutes long, but it does include your favorite characters from Monsters Inc, but this time they are having a party. It is set back in Monsters University and they are having a problem getting guests for their first party, but never mind as help is at hand in what is a very enjoyable short movie.


8.The Good Dinosaur

The story in 'The Good Dinosaur' is simple, but effective. It gets you to ask yourself what the world would be like if the dinosaurs were never extinct, but it also shows them in a more friendly light rather than the ferocious creatures that most people describe. This movie is full of humor and you will love the dinosaur himself and you just know that your children will want the soft toy version as well.

9.The Pirate Fairy

This is a classic Disney movie in that it contains fairies, magic dust, and pirates and even though it may sound a bit strange it does actually work very well together and it really should be quite an enjoyable movie. This is a movie that will apparently make you laugh, smile, and feel sorry for the characters in equal measures.


10.Get A Horse

This movie does hark back to the golden days as it has the voice of Walt Disney and it was actually all hand drawn. You can actually see from this shot that the characters are more of the old school as well, so if you want to hark back to what some see as being the golden era of cartoons, then this is something that you will not want to miss


As you can imagine, 'Frozen' is set in a winter wonderland and it is a nice tale that is just typical of Disney. In it you have a very funny snowman, trolls that you will love and the main characters are also a lot of fun as well resulting in a movie that moves along quite well and it is certainly going to help waste a couple of hours.


12.Toy Story of Terror

This is the latest installment from Toy Story, but even though it is a shorter movie and is being shown on the small screen it is still another entertaining journey with characters that have been around for almost 20 years. One toy goes missing when staying at a motel and the others have to solve the mystery before they end up the same way and your kids will love it.


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