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15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 4:18 pm

Unless you are a president of some country, or a super rich guy, you can't avoid neighbors and their mess. Most of us have trouble with at least one neighbor who is always there to spoil our day. At times, we may find it a little difficult to tell our neighbors that there is something wrong with them. These fifteen people had some really bad neighbors. They dealt with them in style! Here are fifteen aggressive notes left by them to their stupid neighbors.
4.This Warning

Isn't this warning note really hilarious? This is a common problem most of us face. Some neighbors let their dogs on the loose. They don't really care even if the dogs poop on neighbor's property. This neighbor as you can see from the image, looks he had enough of his neighbors who can't control their dog.

This Warning-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

5.This Ray of Sunshine

This neighbor decided to try something artistic to express his frustration towards his neighbors. Well, poop is one thing we all prefer not to see early in the morning, when we open doors, hoping for a great day ahead. Isn't this totally funny?

This Ray of Sunshine-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

6.Protesting a Doormat Theft Like Boss

Are you frustrated about something? Try methods like these! As you can see from the image, this funny 'doormat replacement' note will definitely make that thief feel embarrassed. This is exactly how you vent your frustration and anger out, without harming anyone! Unless you are that thief, you will find this funny.

Protesting a Doormat Theft Like Boss-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

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