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15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

Friday, Jun 12, 2020, 4:18 pm

Unless you are a president of some country, or a super rich guy, you can't avoid neighbors and their mess. Most of us have trouble with at least one neighbor who is always there to spoil our day. At times, we may find it a little difficult to tell our neighbors that there is something wrong with them. These fifteen people had some really bad neighbors. They dealt with them in style! Here are fifteen aggressive notes left by them to their stupid neighbors.
7.Well Said!

Party freaks are another big headache if you live in apartments or multi-storied buildings. It looks like this person was fed up with his neighbor's midnight parties. He added some sarcasm to his anger and frustration. He made this note and glued that to neighbor's door. This person is still patient enough to let his neighbors enjoy on Friday and Saturdays.

Well Said!-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

8.These Envious Neighbors

That's one way to let people know their mistakes without actually being rude towards them! When you are rude towards your already rude neighbors, they make things more complicated. However, if you let them know their mistakes with funny and sarcastic notes like this, they may try to rectify them.

These Envious Neighbors-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

9.Fun Fact of the Day

People who live in apartments can relate! You frequently hear your neighbors having sex, especially when you have those ladies as neighbors, who love to fake things. Let's not talk about the top floor beds that don't stop making squeaking sounds. Apparently, neighbors of this house were asking the couple to be quite while having sex!

Fun Fact of the Day-15 Aggressive Notes Left For Stupid Neighbors

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