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Amazing Showers

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 12:54 pm

4.The circle

This is another outdoors shower, but the difference with this example is that it is beautiful to look at as well as being practical. This is quite sculptural in appearance and with the mixture of side jets and the top shower head it does mean you can easily get cooled down on those hot days and then get back to enjoying the sun.

The circle-Amazing Showers

5.Sauna shower

This half sauna half shower combination is one of those items where you wish that you had thought about it due to it being extremely clever as well as being very useful. The two things just go together and ok you need a large bathroom to accommodate them, but how cool would it be to have a sauna and jump right into the shower after it?

Sauna shower-Amazing Showers


This is the perfect shower for you if you live in a warm climate and love to get cooled down outdoors during the summer. Yes it is very basic, but gone are the days of you needing to spend a fortune to have an outdoors shower installed as this is certainly very refreshing and it does the job that it is intended for.

Outdoors-Amazing Showers

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