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Amazing Sunburn Art

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:51 pm

4.Talk to The Hand

Hard to imagine how long this guy was out in the sun to get this burned, maybe he fell asleep while saying the "Pledge of Allegiance" with his hand over his heart. It couldn't be that some prankster doused their hand with sunblock and gave him a friendly pat on the chest before he laid out, could it?

Talk to The Hand-Amazing Sunburn Art

5.Be A Star in stripes

Who says tan lines are ugly? As the saying goes ... if you can't beat them, join them, and that's just what this young lady is doing. A criss cross patter of distinct tan lines makes for a very interesting display. There won't be any awkward silences on her date. A great conversation piece for sure!

Be A Star in stripes-Amazing Sunburn Art

6.Got Stuffing?

Anyone with skin can get a tan, and that goes for turkeys, too. It's obvious that this turkey spent a little too much time in the broiler wearing her bikini. I guess when she heard that some like the white meat and some like the dark, she thought it meant her skin.

Got Stuffing?-Amazing Sunburn Art

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