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Amazing Sunburn Art

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:51 pm

7.Sunny Days

This guy may look like he had too much sun, but it seems he wanted to take the sun home with him. This may be a heart warming vision, but a burnt torso is not much fun. Maybe he should have put the sunblock on before getting a sunburn ... ya think?

Sunny Days-Amazing Sunburn Art


Surfs up, dude! It looks like this guy took the beach home with him. Not only does he have a sun-kissed tan, he has the ocean ripples to prove he had a great day in the waves. The yin and the yang of tanning makes for great sun art.

Ripplin'-Amazing Sunburn Art

9.That's Quite A Big Smile!

How happy does this guy look? Pretty damn happy judging by that huge smiley face. Looking like the cherry kool aid guy, he's going to need more than a cigarette to numb that pain. Laughing with a bowl full of jelly is not so funny when it lasts for more than a week

That's Quite A Big Smile!-Amazing Sunburn Art

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