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Amazing Sunburn Art

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 3:51 pm

10.Where Have Your Hands Been?

Someone's been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Better than fingerprints, handprints can be really condemning. When you need something done, just do it yourself. Everyone knows that there's no escaping a sunburn when you don't wear sunblock .... but you need to apply the lotion before the burn.

Where Have Your Hands Been?-Amazing Sunburn Art

11.Tan-Through Clothes

There was a time when the bathing suit style you wore on your first day in the sun, was the style you stuck with all summer in order to avoid multiple tan lines. Jump ahead to today, and we have clothes designed with tan-through mesh, leaving a beautiful design behind.

Tan-Through Clothes-Amazing Sunburn Art

12.Tribal Sun Art - A New Form of Sun Worship

A true sun worshiper can create great sun art that lasts as long as a sun tan. Tribal stencils that take laying in the sun to a whole new level look like lots of fun. Where once we avoided tan lines, these sun gods create their own unique look using the sun as their paintbrush.

Tribal Sun Art - A New Form of Sun Worship-Amazing Sunburn Art

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