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Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 4:49 pm


This is actually a BBQ, but you can see why there is a reference to Texas due to their reputation when it comes to guns. There is still something quite cool about it though but does the smoke from the BBQ come out of the end like a smoking gun?


You just cannot help but laugh at this sign because either they are being very silly or they may actually be seriously intelligent in producing something like this. The sad part is you will be split between two options as either are completely possible.


OK this is just one step too far when it comes to breaking the ice but at least that chopper will not shrink because of the cold. He is either brave or very, very stupid and you can kind of guess as to which one he will be.


Perhaps this explains why Africa produces so many fantastic distance runners if this is what they need to outrun just going to the shop. At least the guy is putting in a lot of effort, but then you would if a hippo was behind you thinking it was in a race.


This one is funny just because of the absolute randomness of that character standing there at a bus stop. It just looks so out of place, but at the same time everybody else is just standing there minding their own business.


If you need to have this explained to you, then it is going to lose its appear, but for those people that already know about Chernobyl, then this is going to make sense and is actually a fantastic meme. The cat here is just looking mad and yes it may have been altered, but it is still funny.


There really is just something funny about this even if it has been photoshopped like crazy in order to create it. The funniest part is you can actually picture this happening in Alabama and it would not come as a surprise to you in the slightest.


8.Soviet Russia

This is one of those images where you just look at it and wonder what the hell is going on. Ok so this better not be a real horse or this guy has been eating spinach in a huge way resulting in him being able to give Popeye a run for his money.


Of course this one is taking advantage of the fact that Colombia is one of the major manufacturers of cocaine anywhere in the world. It is actually quite clever using this froth from the sea and getting a long pipe, but imagine how much it would be worth if it actually was cocaine.



Well this is certainly a clever way to have a bath and at least they were clever enough to light a fire under it in order to get some heat in the water rather than it being far too cold. One thing that is for certain is you will never look at a digger bucket in the same way ever again.


This is the kind of meme where the country really does just suit the image, but the big question is actually why there is a giant slice of pizza there in the first place? Is it some strange Italian parking ticket that we do not know about yet?



This meme is so simple, but at the same time it is actually very, very clever and extremely well done. Yes it simply involves them turning a normal picture upside down and calling it Australia and if you are unsure as to why this is funny, just take a couple of minutes to think about it.


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