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Coolest Offices In The World

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 2:54 pm


These office pods are in the new BBC building in the north west of England and you have to admit that they are rather cool and funky. You just do not expect something such as the BBC to produce an office like this, but they have done so and it would just be a fun place to sit and work.


When you think of Pixar you would probably expect them to have a cool office and this just helps to prove this point. Yes it is like a kids garden shed, but it is all about the fun and you just know that when you are making cool cartoons you need a cool place to work in and this really does fit the bill.


Yes this office in Japan does indeed have grass on it and allows their staff to sit on it and chat during breaks in the day. This is going to help create a real sense of calm and people are going to enjoy working there knowing that the company really has thought of absolutely everything when it comes to the design of their office.


This is part of the office of Redbull and it has to be one of the coolest rooms you have ever seen at least for an office. It is plush, modern, and just a fantastic room to look at so sitting there waiting for an appointment would actually be a pleasure rather than a chore.

5.Pirate ship

You got it right, this is an office laid out like a pirate ship and at least this would help to make it a bit more fun to come into your work every single day. The amount of space that they have here is unbelievable and it is all open air giving you a real sense of freedom and there is no doubt that the workers here will be more productive than anywhere else.


This particular office is in the headquarters of Google in Zurich and it is perhaps no surprise that they have gone for this kind of skilift idea. They really do love cool and quirky offices that tie in with the local area, and how good would it be to have this as your office?


Yes your eyes are not deceiving you as there actually is a skateboard ramp in this office. Clearly this company is young and funky and wants their staff to have some fun because how would a serious and posh company ever think of having as something as cool as this in their office?


8.The cave

Ok so some people will look at this and think that it looks strange, but at the same time others will feel that this is one of the coolest offices you are ever going to come across. The company in question has indeed installed a cave in their main building as they just wanted to be a bit different. One thing that is for certain is that they did indeed achieve that.


Not only is the setting for this office cool, but the actual design of the interior is also amazing and something that you could easily fall in love with. It is open, it is bright, there is so much light coming in, and finally it is also very modern to look at. This place must be an absolute pleasure to work in no matter what it is like outside.


10.Tree House

How cool is this office? Yes you are looking at a fake tree house having been built inside a building to then act as its own office. This is creativity on an entirely new level and ultimately the company that comes up with an office such as this has to be a great deal of fun to work for.

11.Fun & Games

Some offices like to make sure that their staff are entertained and as you can see here they go for comfort to allow them to then get to work and actually be productive. This really is just like the dream guys room and yes that does look like a surf board in the background as well.



When it comes to interior design with offices you are often looking for something funky and you have to admit that this really does achieve that. Yes it is slightly industrial in its design, but at the same time it makes good use of the space available and ultimately you just know that it would be a cool place to work at.


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