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Disgusting Common Ingredients In Cosmetics

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 1:14 pm

1.Pepper spray

Pepper spray has this amazing ability to help you to fend off people and it is certainly great at what it does. However, this same ingredient is used in different skin creams where their main idea is to help you stop itching. You do wonder how they can do two completely different things, but be so effective in both ways.

2.Road kill

OK so it is not the entire animal that appears in products, but there are companies that get road kill and extract the animal fat from them. This is then used as an emollient in products such as lipsticks and even soap, so think about that the next time you are getting ready to go out.

3.Cochineal Beetles

As if the idea of having crushed up, dried beetles in products is not bad enough how about the fact that they are used to make a red dye and end up in things such as blush and even lipstick? Just think about how you are smearing it over your lips and then licking them. Feel like a different color now?

4.Bird pooh

This has to be as disgusting as it can get and you wonder how anybody could allow it to appear in a product in the first place. They say that using it as an ingredient in a face cream is going to make the skin look and feel healthier and can stop the aging process. Some celebrities have been known to use it, but basically you are still smearing bird pooh over your face and surely that cannot be a good thing.

5.Snake venom

You have to sit and wonder about this idea because the whole thing about snake venom is that it can cause a huge amount of damage and even kill. You then wonder why somebody would go ahead and use it as part of a facial treatment, but that is what is starting to happen in various salons around the US.

6.Chicken bone marrow

This does certainly sound as disgusting as you think because what they do with the marrow from chicken bones is that they use it to get the ingredient Glucosamine. This is actually then used as an anti-inflammatory in different skin products including blushes.

7.Wind medication

Do you know the stuff you take to ease your stomach when you have gas? Well that same ingredient is also used in a number of hair conditioners. The ingredient in question is called simethicone and they say that it will help to make the hair nice and slick. You can also be sure that it will not suffer from gas problems either.


8.Animal placenta

OK this is not just any kind of animal, but specifically sheep and pig placenta and it appears in a hair product. The company behind it says that it will actually help to strengthen hair and make it nice and shiny, but whether that is indeed the case is certainly up for debate and would you fancy trying it yourself?

9.Snail slime

The anti-aging market is massive and one guy that is trying to make a difference in it is Michael Todd. He has produced a range of products, but the scary part is that they contain what is known as snail secretion. He says that it will help to heal the skin, but whether that happens is certainly something that is up for debate.


10.Infant foreskin

Yes you are reading this right and if you think it is a hoax it actually appeared on Oprah in 2007. Infant foreskin has been used in a cream from a company that is based in San Francisco. This is the kind of thing that the mind struggles to comprehend, but of course they are not lining babies up to chop off their foreskin like some ancient ritual.


Well this should make you wonder about some cosmetics. Ok it is stretching things a bit far, but if you see on various creams the ingredient Diatomaceous earth, then that is one of the key components that makes up dynamite. However, due to it being abrasive it appears in toothpaste as well as some creams.


12.Whale vomit

Ok so this really is disgusting and thankfully it is not used anywhere near as much with it having been replaced by a synthetic product, but whale vomit was a common ingredient to form the base of perfume. You do wonder how they managed to come up with that in the first place because surely our minds do not make these leaps forward in our imagination without it being a fluke?


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