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Hilarious "you Are Doing It Wrong" Pics

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 10:03 am

1.There are easier ways to lose weight

Well there are certainly a number of easier ways to lose weight than doing it this way. They have clearly managed to take the term "burn calories" too literally and decided that fire is what is required. Boy are they in for a shock.

2.You are faster on your feet

Would the coach of this guy let him know that he has a better chance of winning the race if he uses his feet like everybody else rather than trying to run on his hands? OK he deserves a medal just for trying it, but he has absolutely no chances doing it this way.

3.Something is wrong here

Should it not have been obvious that this is not the way that you ride? Surely at some point she would have noticed that the scenery was not changing and the wind was not blowing through her hair?

4.The reverse mohawk

Well this guy clearly did not think his Mohawk through or he would not have done the reverse of what actually should have been done. Instead, he just looks absolutely crazy although to be honest any hairstyle would have made him look mad.

5.You missed your mouth!!

The scary part is that he has obviously smoked some of it because that is not a full cigarette in his eye. Where does he exhale from? Does it come out of his ear? This guy is just seriously freaky.

6.Fish tickler

The funniest part about this is the serious look on the guys face as if tickling a fish in order to get a tune out of it is entirely normal. Trust us here it is not normal unless it is one of those battery operated ones that sit on your wall.

7.Confidence in our forces

Well this is going to give you a lot more confidence in our forces when you see them doing this kind of thing. It's no wonder that they might take longer to achieve something than we thought when they are using their guns for bows and arrows.


8.Technology is too complicated

You see somebody hears all about this Facebook thing and they do not know what it is all about so they end up just guessing. However, they are so far off the mark here and nobody is willing to tell them any different.

9.Red just does not work

Can somebody please point out that red is not actually an official camouflage color? What in nature would you be able to hide beside with this outfit apart from somebody wearing a giant tomato costume?


10.It's on your head

Imagine sitting there for hours just waiting for that bird to come along so you can look at it through your new binoculars and then the magic moment comes. You see it flying closer and closer and you keep very, very still until it vanishes from sight, but where is it? Oh we know where it is.

11.Just a bit too high

Well from the looks of it this woman must have a very small waist and the pants she has been wearing have somehow slipped up to her chest. The poor girl must be fed up of guys pointing at her and being in shock at how unfortunate she must be to have had this happen to her.


12.A good attempt

Well you have to admire this cat for at least having the guts to give it a go as a penguin. Sure he is the same kind of color, but there are a few key things that are missing such as being a penguin.


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