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Hot Girls In Mario Cosplays

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020, 8:05 am

1.Bendy Mario

This is Mario at a completely different angle and it is one that we would probably want to see a bit more of. However, there is no way we could manage to see any more of this particular girl.

2.They look happy

Well these two look happy, but then it is us that should be happy when we see how hot they look in their Mario outfits. You have probably also got a new found admiration for Luigi as well thanks to the one on the left.

3.A great twosome

This is the kind of selfie that we should all love to check out and it is easy to understand why. These two chicks are smoking hot and they certainly do the outfit justice.

4.Busting out all over

This is the kind of Mario image you were probably dreaming of because boy is she busting out all over. The entire thing is very well done and we should be feeling lucky that we can even experience Mario in this way.

5.A different view of Mario

This is quite possibly going to be your favorite picture of Mario and there is a good chance that it is for one reason only. How does she manage to wear those white gloves so well?

6.Long haired Mario

Yes so Mario now apparently has long curly hair, but is that a bad thing when you look at the rest of the package? She may not look like him in any other way apart from the outfit, but then that is something we need to be glad about.

7.3 is trouble

Well these three certainly have nice legs and that is something that you have never found yourself saying about Mario before. The big question now is whether or not you will go and look at his legs in the game after seeing this image.


8.The moustache sets it off

There is no doubt that the moustache just helps to set off this entire picture because without it you would be completely lost as to what these two hot chicks were doing. OK so that is not entirely true, but it did draw your attention to the moustache.

9.Big breast Mario

Well Mario has certainly changed a bit here, but who cares because it is still a hot outfit even though it does mean that Mario now has large breasts. Hey you didn't notice them? Yeah right.


10.Yay for Mario

This is the kind of photograph where you are glad that Mario wore the outfit that he did because it does lead to this image and we should all be grateful for that. It would be boring if he had worn anything else.

11.What a lovely pair

Well you get two for the price of one here and who cares that it is just really the hat that this outfit has in common with Mario. Oh you didn't notice the hat??


12.Oh my

Well Mario is a popular game, but it would have even been more popular if it was a female character and she looked like this. Let's face it boys and men alike would never be off it if that was the case.


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