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Medical Miracles

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 10:17 am

#10 Roy Horn - Survives Tiger Attack On Stage

Siefried and Roy were a top billing show on the Vegas show. Appearing with their home bred tigers, the magical act dazzled millions, until, during one show in 2003, their prized white tiger, Montecore, bit Roy, who had fainted on stage, and dragged him off stage by the neck, in front of an entire audience. Some thought it was part of the show, but backstage everyone knew differently. Roy suffered a massive stroke from the punctured arteries after the tiger tore into his neck. Near death and losing part of his skull and the use of his left arm, and most of his left leg, Roy always insisted that the tiger was trying to save him, not hurt him.

Roy Horn - Survives Tiger Attack On Stage-Medical Miracles


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