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Most Disgusting Things Sold On Etsy

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021, 1:20 pm

1.Why Didn't We Think Of That?

A serving bowl. Clearly a woman shorn at the waist and legs. Blood dripping down her cut- off thighs. Yes! This is bound to make any snack served up at a party look more delicious than you can imagine.


This revolting sculpture is for sale on Etsy. The winding snake like objects protruding from the forms head and long 'thing' shoved in her mouth is not appealing, but some find this artwork beautiful.

3.A Bit of Ripped This and That

How about a bit of ripped up turtle and snakes skin randomly piled up? It is hard to believe this stuff actually sells. It is also hard to believe some people know this and actually make money from it.

4.Human Remains?

Skulls for sale! Etsy fans have been told that the days of selling human remains and bones are coming to an end. You mean they can sell human bones and remains on Etsy? Wow! Who Knew? That is one way to get rid of a dead boy and get some cash for it too.

5.Belt Buckle

Sculptured belt buckle with massive teeth and opaque staring eyes. This should get chins wagging or people running for their lives.

6.A Bag of Slimy Pigs

A slimy bag of fetal pigs! Perfectly formed with all their little bits in tact. This is selling for a paltry $149.00 on Etsy.


A skinned fox head. The huge eyes look terrified. Perhaps this fox was alive when it was skinned. It is amazing what people will try to sell.


8.Bloody Calendar

This menstrual calendar is for sale on Etsy. Complete with bleeding female, who seems to have formed a puddle. Just weird.

9.Totally Gross

This little jar is filled with old toenail and fingernail cuttings. Did someone ever buy this? If they did what for? If you can believe it, this was on sale on Etsy for $25. Perhaps it is some sort of food delicacy that not many know about.


10.Bits and Pieces

These disgusting body parts or bits were being sold on Etsy as sculptures. The spotty hand is disgusting with its overgrown nails and as for the 'breast/teeth nipple sculptures one would just wonder where the heck to place that in your home? The fridge perhaps?.

11.Raccoon penis Bones

These bones belong to the penises of dead Raccoons. The purpose for buying these and gifting them is to promote true love. It is terrible to think how animals suffer because of the whims of humans. It is even more disconcerting to think they are for sale on Etsy.


12.Lovely Rat For Sale

If you are looking for a pregnant rat floating in a jar complete with embryos, this jar will be a total steal at only $69.99. The big question is not, is it worth it? But why?


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