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Most Evil Internet Companies

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 7:34 pm


This is like a business social networking website and at first it seems like a great idea. However, the problem here is that there are so many scam artists working it and they end up linking with serious business people who are just unaware of who they have made a friend. That then seems to give the scam artist some power and innocent people are caught up in it.


The problem with Apple is the way in which they chase after everybody that they feel has copied even how they do the A in apple. However, they are often guilty of doing the exact same thing themselves, so who is actually at fault here?


Yahoo is a company that managed to largely capture the personal email market as well as a chunk of search traffic. However, they do not seem to bother too much about SPAM or dealing with issues related to accounts being hacked, so all of your personal details could be just floating around.


As an Internet service provider you would like to think that you were dealing with a nice company, but that is certainly not the case here. Instead, you can read so many complaints about their service unless you are with them in which case it would be best to go to an Internet cafe as your connection is probably screwed.


Google is of course a search engine giant, but they are evil because they were playing around with the way that the results were being shown to us. They have actually had to change the way they operate in Europe since it was illegal and if anything is illegal, then it is often also evil.


Ebay is evil because of the amount of fake things that are on there and people being conned out of their hard earned cash. Yes they say it is against their terms and conditions, but they do very little about it, so that just makes them guilty.


Paypal is evil because they have a habit of just closing accounts or holding onto money for long periods of time without any explanation. They have also been known to side with the wrong people in disputes, so fraud is always an issue.



Zynga is a company that makes games such as Farmville and they are evil because of the way in which they produce things that are just so darn addictive. There is also the problem of having to buy additional products in order to go further into the game, so it ends up costing you a fortune as well.


Twitter is evil because they do not really seem to care about people trolling others or upsetting people on their site by posting horrible things. They just want to care about profit, but they are not making any, so what is the point?



Microsoft are evil because of the almost complete domination that they have in the home computer market. Look at it this way, the vast majority of people that are reading this are using their software and having such control really is quite evil.

11.Go Daddy

Go Daddy is evil because they were willing to side with the government on changes to domain names whereby they could just basically take them off you. They realized that they made a massive mistake and have been trying to make up for it since.



So why are Facebook included? Quite simply because of the way that they don't really believe in privacy and keep changing things so that everything you want to be hidden is suddenly online. How big a pain is all of that?


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