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Photos Of Men Being Literally Too Stupid

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:10 am

1.Don't Let Go

What a great way to fix the air conditioner. Just hold your friend upside down while he does it. This guy has to be crazy to trust his friend this much. One slip of his hands and that guy is going to do a face plant down below. And the other guy on the balcony, holding onto his friend's shirt isn't really going to help if he falls.

2.Electricity And Water

If we place the power strip on the floating sandals we can power up on our little table. What a great idea. The sandals won't float away, or a little wave won't wet the power strip and electrocute us all. We have it plugged in the other end and taped to the pool side.

3.Hold The Ladder Higher

When the ladder isn't high enough just have two co-workers hoist it up and hold it there while you straddle live wires. As long as they are holding it you should be safe, and then they can raise it even higher so you can get off of the live wire before it fries your butt off.

4.Toss Us The Couch

Forget about trying to maneuver the couch down the stairs, let's just throw it over the railing. Those other two guys will catch it for sure and then take it outside, right? They look like big enough guys to catch a couch from eight feet high, unless the rail breaks and then there's going to be a few guys to catch too.

5.Hand Me That

This is double stupidity at its best. The guy has created a plank for himself between two ladders so he can work. The other guy is hanging out the window handing him something, but the guy on the plank can't really turn around. So he'll just balance and bend backwards to grab it.

6.Double Ladder

If your ladder isn't tall enough, just add another ladder to the top. It doesn't matter how you hook it on, just as long as you can reach those hedges. And, don't worry the guy on the bottom, he's got your back. Only problem is that he is holding the wrong ladder steady.

7.Hedge Trimming

Got to trim those high hedges somehow. Why not use a crane and a strap to get your lawn mower up there? Sounds like a great idea. That way the crane can move you as you run the mower over the hedge tops. There's really nothing that can go wrong here, right?


8.Between A Rock And A Hard place

Have to get under a huge boulder, just hold it up with two wooden posts. Then you should have no worries being under it. It's not like the boulder could slip and crush you like a bug, or anything. Just do your work with the confidence that the boulder is safely out of the way.


Wait a second, I just have to fix my hard hat. Let me hold the blow torch between my knees while I make this adjustment. It doesn't matter that the torch is still lit. Guys and tools, they get a little lax on proper care after using them for a while and that's when stupid things like this happen.


10.Held By A Thread

The guy on the ledge sure is putting a lot of faith in the guy holding that rope. And what is that rope tied to anyway? His belt. What is the knot slips, what if the belt breaks, what if the belt loops pop? Well, it's goodbye window cleaner. Meanwhile, the guy holding the rope seems a tad preoccupied.

11.Bucket Ladder

When you don't have a ladder, grab a few buckets and stand on them. It's not like they will topple over or anything. Just climb on up there and then stretch up as high as you can reach. Only a guy would come up with this type of stupid contraption.


12.Ladder On The Edge

Whose bright idea was this, to balance the ladder on the outer edge of the railing. Don't they realize that the ladder folds, and while it's being held against the wall, if it folds, it's bye bye guy in the red shirt. The other guy really thinks he's helping him out by holding onto the ladder with one hand.


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