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Pornstars With And Without Make Up

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 11:33 am

7.Yasmine De Leon

porn star Yasmine turns from a plain-Jane tousled haired nobody to a hot sultry vixen with a few flicks of the make-up brush. Her sparse brows turn full and thick and her round eyes become feline. Her make-up box certainly deserves a standing ovation.

Yasmine De Leon-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

8.Elaina Raye

Elaina Raye in the no make-up photograph looks like a menacing prison cell mate about to tell you the top bunk is hers and if you argue you'll get the only pen she saved over the last two years shoved up your nostril.

Elaina Raye-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

9.Eden VonSleaze

Pictured top left, clean faced Eden reminds one of our favorite teachers at school. The nice one that lived alone with two cats. Suddenly pictured right she turns into the queen of Sleaze!

Eden VonSleaze-Pornstars With And Without Make Up

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