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Shocking Kids Fails

Saturday, Jul 2, 2022, 9:54 am

1.Someone Somewhere

Someone, somewhere finds this photograph of an innocent kid in a compromising position hilarious. We wonder who and where those people are? Surely there is just something not quite right here?

2.Wild Animals and Small Kids?

Leaving a kid alone with a wild animal has to rate very highly on the shocking kids fail barometer? The sad thing is this animal could probably do a better job as a parent than the actual parent.

3.Electrical Hazard Kid Fail

That's it! Tell your kid to touch the water near an electrical hazard sign. We wonder if they even noticed the sign post-photograph? Perhaps they were too busy taking a photograph to even care?

4.Another Therapy Group Needed

Another mother taking a selfie in full view of her kids. They kind of seem bored so perhaps she does this a lot? There has to be a whole new therapy designed to handle the hoards of kids traumatized by mom's selfie photographs?

5.ERM! Pass!

Perhaps this beer swilling, cigarette smoking toddler was mean to be a riot? Instead it is filed under shocking kids fails and just a parent being an absolute idiot at the same time.

6.Charlie's Angels?

Probably one of the most shocking kids fails photographs, showing three under twelve years olds that guns are cool and more than that pointing them at each other inadvertently is photo worthy.

7.This is So Not Funny

Somehow shoving a cigarette in your kids mouth and asking him to hold one of your breasts isn't that funny to the public. Does she not realize this? Surely that kid is better off elsewhere?


8.Some People

What was this parent thinking when he or she sped off with the toddler clasping on for dear life? Even treating a dog this way would should be an offence.

9.New License Laws

This father thinks he has family transport sorted out for once and for all. There should be special parenting licenses made law as with motorbike licenses and perhaps this thing would be avoided.


10.Traffic Toddler

One has to wonder where the heck this kids parents are? There he goes, in full throttle traffic and looking the wrong way on top of everything. This just makes you cringe.

11.Come On Mom Save It For Another Time?

We predict nightmares and bed-wetting after this little tot has seen her mother taking a selfie. Do people have no self respect these days? If you are going to splash yourself about on the Internet, then make sure your kid is out of the way.


12.Some Things Are Just Not That Funny

'Yeah! Let's put little Sally in the microwave and take a photograph!'. Sorry not funny. Instead we have shocking kids fail photograph number one because how stupid do you have to be to do this?


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