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Strangest Insurances Done On Body Parts

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 12:23 pm

1.Mariah Carey - legs

You kind of hope that this is not true, but stories have been going around for some time that Mariah Carey has insured her legs for a total of $1 billion. If it is indeed true can you think of anything that is madder than that? $1 billion for a pair of legs? Does she sing through her knees?

2.Keiran Lee

This guy is a porn star and yes he has insured his penis for a cool $1 million. He is protected against it being damaged leading to him having to stop work, but if women can insure their breasts, then why should guys not think about protecting their manhood?

3.Julia Roberts - smile

Julia Roberts apparently insured her smile for a cool $30 million. Sure it was the perfect smile, but boy her insurers must have worried about her losing a tooth or something because that is one expensive dental bill.

4.Kylie Minogue - bum

This Australian pop star has insured her bum for a total of $5 million. She must be afraid to sit down anywhere carrying that around with her, but what is so special about a bum that it would be insured for so much money?

5.Jamie Lee Curtis - legs

Even though this has not been actually verified, it is rumored that Jamie Lee Curtis once insured her legs for a grand total of $2.8 million. This is insane and what makes it even more insane is that fewer people know who she is now since she has largely left the limelight.

6.Heidi Klum - legs

When you have legs like Heidi Klum it is quite obvious that you need to insure them. However, she went and insured them for a total of $2 million, but it is not a case of $1 million per leg. Apparently one leg is more valuable than the other due to a scar.

7.Madonna - breasts

It was reported that Madonna once insured her breasts for $2 million although that was a few years ago around the time of the pointy bra. She should have thought about what that bra would have done to others and insured herself against that rather than just her breasts.


8.Keith Richards - hands

It is actually quite common for top guitar players or drummers to insure their hands, but very few will have a price tag of $1.6 million. However, very few are Keith Richards and in all honesty his hands are probably the only part of his body that has not been abused.

9.Rihanna - legs

Apparently Rihanna has decided to insure her legs and the price? A cool $1 million. She says she is obsessed with her legs, and obviously she is attached to them, so she has taken steps to recoup some losses should anything happen to them.


10.Dolly Parton - Breasts

Dolly Parton was largely responsible for triggering off a boom in modern day celebrities insuring body parts when she insured her bosom for a mind boggling $600,000. What was she worried would happen? A crazy fan trying to steal them?

11.Jimmy Durante - nose

Considering it was quite a feature in his career it is quite obvious as to why Jimmy Durante insured his nose for a total of $50,000. He simply could not afford to have it broken as he feared it would then damage his career.


12.Bette Davis - waist

Bette Davis apparently insured her waist for a grand total of $28,000, but then that was a lot of money back in her heyday. You wonder what she insured it against though and did she have to watch what she had to eat to prevent the policy from becoming null and void?


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