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TV Shows That Never Aired

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021, 4:35 pm

1.Surprise with Jenny McCarthy

This show was supposed to be the US version of a hit UK series called Surprise Surprise. The entire idea is that people that deserve a treat get some kind of a surprise due to a relative writing into the show, but if you want to see it, then you need the UK version as this was axed before airing.


This was supposed to be a daily talk show hosted by Marie Osmond, but ultimately it was dropped before it started even though there was a lot of interest in it. This decision rested on the shoulders of the distributor who stopped trying to sell it six weeks before it was due to go on air.

3.Liza and David

This show was supposed to be a reality show about their marriage, but for reasons unknown it was pulled off the air just before it was supposed to make its debut. You just know that it would have been quite interesting to watch, but we will never know what happened.

4.The Jake Effect

This show was created by NBC and even though they managed to produce seven episodes not a single one ever made it to air. The executives just decided that it simply was not good enough and did not live up to their expectations, so it was consigned to the TV show dustbin.

5.The IT Crowd

This was the US version of a popular UK sitcom, but it just did not work out the way it should have. It never aired as it was absolutely obliterated by the critics with the pilot show and they decided it was in their best interests not to bother showing it at any point whatsoever.

6.Our Little Genius

This show never made it to air due to a scandal whereby kids were given answers to questions before filming. They did hope that this would be a show to really let people see how intelligent our kids can be, but ultimately they had to bury the entire thing due to its integrity being destroyed.

7.Friend Me

This show was never aired probably due to the co-creator dying suddenly. They did expect big things from it, but the chances of it actually being revived are pretty slim, so we are only left with this picture to remind us of it.



This series was based on novels by Francine Pascal and they expected big things of it, but the problem was that they could not agree on scheduling and only the pilot episode was ever made before the entire thing was put to one side and buried without a trace.

9.Day One

This was a sci-fi show that focused on this group of people basically being the survivors on earth after a major disaster. The show went from a full series, to a mini-series, to a movie, and then nothing at all happened and the entire thing sank without a trace.


10.The Cheetah Girls

This series was based on the novel and Walt Disney expected big things of it. However, they only made four episodes and then dropped the entire project before any of them managed to make it onto our television screens.

11.Blonde Charity Mafia

This was another reality show that focused on three socialites in Washington DC who spend their time doing charity work. The series was passed around networks until it was eventually dropped in its entirety even though some episodes had been filmed.


12.All My Babies Mamas

This show was all about the rapper Shawty Lo and how he has 11 kids with 10 different women. It was a reality show that then never made it to air thanks to an online petition that showed how people were against the entire idea.


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