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The Big Bang Theory Unaired Pilot Episode

Thursday, Jul 14, 2022, 5:30 am

The big bang theory is a hugely successful show all over the world. It's geeky humor has been appreciated in almost all the countries but did you know The Big Bang Theory had a pilot run before it became so popular? The show had a pilot run before it was aired all over the world. However, the pilot episode wasn't much appreciated by the audience and CBS network as much as the real episode which we all have seen. Want to know more about it? Then read on...
1.The sperm bank

The episode starts with Sheldon and Leonard making the sperm deposit in the Sperm bank which on contrary to the actual episode wasn't supposed to happen that way. After making the deposit they were offered a check in return which Sheldon refuses as they are little short on money and need the money to buy food. But after an argument with the receptionist they accept the check and go to a restaurant...

2.Katie meets guys

While going to the restaurant they come across Katie who is broke and lonely. The guys feel sorry for her and invite her to have dinner with them. Katie gets confused on the invitation and asks if there is anything wrong with the guys. The guys explain her how Indian curry can act as a good laxative and help her overcome some of her problems. Katie accepts the dinner invitation and they all leave for restaurant.


3.At the restaurant

Katie, Sheldon and Leonard have dinner in a restaurant while Sheldon feels uncomfortable sitting on a different table. He explains to Katie why the table he usually sits on is the perfect table for him. The guys ask Katie about what happened to her and Katie explains how she got dumped by her boyfriend and still loves her. The guys offer her to stay at their apartment for the night.


4.In the Apartment

Katie on seeing Sheldon's board admires his intelligence, Leonard interrupts and shows her his board. Sheldon starts criticizing Leonard's work and points out the mistakes he has done. Katie interrupts and asks if she can use the bathroom. Leonard and Sheldon start discussing about how many women they have seen naked in their apartment.


5.Gilda meets Katie

Gilda is a colleague of Sheldon and Leonard at the university. She comes to their apartment to share news about university. Katie comes outside of bathroom and asks for hair products. Gilda finds it unpleasant and asks her motive, upon confirmation she finds Katie nice and approves her stay. Katie leaves the apartment dressed in a short skirt, Sheldon and Leonard admire her booty while she leaves.


6.Katie at the apartment

Leonard wakes up at night upon hearing a voice and finds out it is Katie. Katie explains her condition to Leonard using scientific equations and coefficients. Leonard tries to explain her how she is the cause of all the problems she is going through and calls her stupid which makes her angry.


7.Leonard Apologies

Katie leaves the apartment next morning and Sheldon doesn't stop her, Leonard feels bad about talking to her rudely previous night. He stops by the beauty parlor where she works and apologizes to her.


8.Katie's back

Sheldon and Leonard are having Dinner with Gilda at their apartment. Katie knocks the door and tells the guys she will be staying with them for a while. After the Dinner Katie takes Leonard, Sheldon and Gilda to a club and offers them to dance with her.


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