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Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

Saturday, Aug 14, 2021, 7:20 pm

1.Forgotten Dreams

We've all been in the middle of a dream and then had the misfortune of waking up before we got to the really good part. The worse part of it all is that within five minutes of waking up, you've already forgotten about 50 percent of that dream. On top of that, within 10 minutes of waking up, about 90 percent of what you initially remembered has disappeared from your memory bank.

2.Bed Wetting as A Teen

Bed wetting is something most people believe happens to toddler and young kids who don't know when to get up to use the bathroom. As quiet as it's kept, teenagers still wet the bed. Studies show that one out of 50 teenagers still wet the bed. Of course these teens would never admit to doing the act, but the person who does the laundry in the household probably knows.

3.Blind People See Images While Asleep

Dreams are a complex and interesting part of life. Though they can't see bling people can't see under normal circumstances, theycan see images when they're sleeping. It may seem impossible, but it's a fact. People who were born blind experience dreams involving emotion, sound, smell, and touch instead of sight.

4.Sleeping Dolphin

Dolphins are interesting creatures and they always seem to be alert. It is said that when a dolphin sleeps, only half of his brain shuts down. The other half is still at work to help the dolphin with its breathing patterns and cycles. Looks like Kim Kardashian and dolphins have something in common, only difference is that Kim Kardashian only uses half of her brain all the time.

5.Sleep Deprivation

Humans need food, clothing and shelter in order to stay alive, but we also need sleep. Studies have shown that a person can die quicker from sleep deprivation, as opposed to food deprivation. It takes two weeks to starve to death, but 10 days without sleep can and will kill you.

6.Sleeping Positions

Some people shift their sleeping position rather often throughout the night, while others stay in one place until it's time for them to get up. There are six common sleeping positions - Fetal, Starfish, Log, The Yearner, Freefall and Soldier. It is said that sleep positions can determine an individual's personality.

7.Dreaming Is Normal

Dreaming is a natural part of life. Though we can't always remember every detail of our dreams, our minds still wander during. There are very rare occasions when a person does not dream. However, it has been said that people who do not dream tend to suffer from some type of personality disorder.


8.Dream in Color

Dreams can be both colorful and dull. Reportedly, about 12 percent of people dream in black and white. This percentage used to be higher than that, but it dwindled significantly after color televisions were developed. Now that black and white televisions are a thing of the past, more and more people are dreaming in color.


Parasomnia is a sleeping disorder that makes people perform unnatural movements despite being asleep. Some people have been known to sleep drive and walk as a result of parasomnia. Various people have even committed crimes due to parasomnia. Murder, child molestation and rape are some of the crimes committed during parasomnia.


10.Sleeping Hours for Different Ages

The younger you are, the more sleep you need. A baby needs about 16 hours of sleep; it doesn't seem like they sleep this long since they're always crying. A person who is 60-years-old or older only needs about six-hour of sleep, which is odd since elderly people always seem to be falling asleep at random parts of the day.

11.Dreaming About Recognizable Faces

It is a known fact that humans can only dream about faces they have already seen at some point in their life. This includes random strangers, movie stars and singers. Human may not actively remember the person in their dream, but they've seen the individual in-personin some shape or form.


12.Men Dream about Men

Studies have shown that men dream about other men (not in a sexual sense) about 70 percent of the time. Meanwhile, women dream about both genders equally. One could assume that men are dreaming about their favorite WWE wrestlers, basketball players or action movie stars, but no one really knows for sure.


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