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Tips To Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 7:45 pm

1.Eliminate Time Wasters

The biggest time wasters are social networks, surfing the net, and watching videos. These things can rob you of hours of your day, if not your entire day. It's easy to watch one video after the next when more videos are recommended for you, or to keep stalking friends FaceBook pages, one after the other. Avoid these pitfalls.

2.Don't Get Stuck Unimportant Details

Sometimes we can get caught up in things that don't matter, and they can take up a lot of our day. Try to stay on point and not focus too much, or spend too much time, on unimportant details. This applies to projects, tasks, or any other part of your day.

3.Set Reminders

Set reminders. Reminders will ensure that you don't forget something important. When the day gets hectic it can be easy to forget things. With smart phones and apps, it's easy to have alerts come up to remind you what you have to do and when you have to do it.

4.Don't Take On More Than You Can Handle

Taking on more than you can handle will stress you out, and can throw off your entire day. Take on only what you know you can accomplish. When you assign time limits to each task you will know how much you can do in one day. It is essential to the success of your projects.

5.Assign A Time Limit To Tasks

Set a time limits on everything that you do, even eating lunch or running an errand. With time limits on parts of your day, it will easier to manage you time much more efficiently. Time marches on unless you grab it and take control, set limits and know how long you need for each task.

6.Batch Tasks Together

If you can batch tasks together it may allow you to get through them faster. Tasks or projects that are similar that are batched together keep things flowing and organized. Choose which tasks to batch together and tackle them in one bunch, before moving onto another batch.


At the beginning of your day, prioritize your tasks and projects. Which deadline is coming up first, what needs to be done right away, what can wait. Then plan when you have the most time to work on which project or task. Prioritizing can keep you on point and on schedule.


8.Block Out Distractions

Try to block out distraction as best you can. Go somewhere quiet, or use headphones. Make sure you are working in a place that doesn't allow for interruptions as well. Even though a place is quiet doesn't mean that someone won't come talk to you, or ask for your help.

9.Have A Clock Highly Visible

Keep a clock handy. Time can escape you if you don't have it readily available, especially if you become absorbed on a specific project. Having a clock that you can easily look at, ensure that you are aware of where you are in your day. Having to dig one out may deter you.


10.Prepare To Be Early

Aiming to be early is the best way to manage your time and make sure you are on time. Planning to be fifteen minutes ahead of time, allows for any trouble you may encounter along the way. Most people are fifteen minutes late, but if you find that you are usually thirty minutes late, aim to be thirty minutes early.

11.Be Aware Of Your deadlines

Keep aware of your deadlines, and stick to them. By going over deadline you push everyone off schedule. Knowing your deadlines ahead of time can help you to better plan your day. Striving to be ahead of deadline will assure that you hit your deadlines, because even if you're late on your deadline, you'll be on time.


12.Plan Your Day

In order to manage your time more efficiently, it is important to plan your day. It is all too easy to let your day get away from you, by spending too much time on one task or project. If you plan your day and decide what you are going to do that day, and how much time you will spend on each task.


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