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Tips To Build Self Esteem

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 1:31 pm

1.Stop trying to be perfect.

Accept that you will make mistakes and just get on with it. Nobody, and we mean nobody, is perfect as we all do things wrong, but the difference is that people with low self-esteem think too much about it whereas if you make a mistake spend some time thinking of the things you have done that went well and your thought processes should improve.

2.Avoid listening to the inner critic.

A problem that people with low self-esteem often suffer from is that they will tend to listen to the inner critic too much and indeed it will get to the point where that critic will become the dominant voice. Sure you need to listen to them at times, but teach yourself how to pick and choose those moments.

3.Get fit from the inside.

You need to start to feel better about yourself in some way, so look at getting a haircut, get a makeover if you are a girl, go to gym and get fit, or do anything that is going to give you that little boost inside. If you look at yourself in the mirror and hate what is looking back, then do something to change it.

4.Work on your boundaries.

You need to work out what your boundaries actually are because this will help you to define what you feel comfortable with and what starts to get you anxious. Look at relationships and your work, think about your friends and if they are taking advantage of you because if you are stretching yourself too much there is a good chance that your self esteem will be hit hard.

5.What things are getting you down?

Look at the different parts of your life and determine the areas you are most content with along with those that are making you depressed. Understanding this is going to then allow you to focus on the areas that need the most work and when you see them improving you will feel better about yourself.

6.Give advice to others.

Take whatever it is you are good at and try to give advice to others who are confused by that subject or idea. Seeing people improve their skills due to something you have said is going to seriously boost your confidence.

7.Have targets

We can often feel as if we are lost in ourselves and getting nowhere when we do not have an adequate target in mind. Once again be sensible and have a number of them of different sizes and difficulty of achieving it and see how good you feel when you manage to reach each one.


8.Find something you are good at.

We all have something that we are good at, so find your talent and make sure you actually use it. Why continue to struggle with something you do not understand when you can get the confidence from something else because your self esteem will improve as a result.

9.Get out of your comfort zone.

Do yourself a big favor and do something that genuinely scares you. It does not matter if this thing is big or small, but the main thing is that you confront that fear and do something about it because when you get over this hurdle you can feel a lot better about tackling other things.


10.Get out there.

You are never going to help your self esteem if you lock yourself away in your house all day, so even if it is going to be tough do try and socialize with people you know well and trust. This is going to teach you how to communicate better and when you manage this, you will find that everything else falls into place.

11.Have a vision for yourself.

You need to know where you are going in life, or want to go, and have a clear plan as to how you get there. Start each day by looking at yourself in the mirror and reminding yourself of what you managed to achieve the day before and look forward to the day.


12.Be sensible and start off small

There is no point in trying to do something that is far too big and beyond your capabilities from the outset because you will just be setting yourself up to fail. Instead, set yourself small goals that can be achieved quite easily and then take the confidence from that and work your way up to bigger things.


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