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Top Regrets Of The Dying

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022, 7:10 pm

1.Having regrets

Of course having any regrets is a major regret in itself because that means we are not entirely happy with what went on in our life and that is something that does tend to sadden us. We need to look back at things with happiness rather than sorrow, but of course that is easier said than done.

2.Been happy

We spend too much time moaning and being sad about things that we often forget that life should be something that we enjoy and something that brings a smile to our face. We need to learn how to be happy as much as possible so that on our death bed we can smile once again about our life.

3.Lived truthfully

We will look at numerous moments in the past where we have not been entirely truthful about things, but we cannot undo the past just regret having not told the truth at that moment in time. All we can do is say we are sorry and hope that the apology is accepted.

4.Saved money to enjoy life

We focus too much on paying bills and not using some cash to enjoy life. This would remove so much stress and allow us to do more and of course that will then mean you can look part at this part of your life and feel you did indeed live it to its fullest.

5.Had children

Clearly this only applies to a percentage of the population, but not having kids is something that a lot of people end up regretting, but of course it is too late to do anything about it. This is something that can really hit home hard, so think carefully about whether or not it will upset you later on in life.

6.Resolved conflicts

How many times have you had an argument and just stopped talking to the person? How much do you then regret it that a relationship or friendship was broken up just because you never fully resolved what was going on? This is something we are all guilty of and something we then hate when we are dying.

7.Spoken their mind

We are often guilty of keeping our thoughts to ourselves, but that ends up causing a problem and we bottle up so much emotion inside. We can all look back at times where we wish we had spoken up, so it is no surprise that this is a major regret.


8.Told people they loved them more

We are often guilty of hiding our feelings or simply not telling people enough what we think of them. If you love somebody, then tell them because you never know if you will get to tell them again later on or not.

9.Spent too little time with friends

There is always a sense of us being able to catch up with friends another time, but that time never happens and we end up hardly seeing them. This then means we miss out on those all important memories and it is a source of major regret later on.


10.Never saw family

This is a knock-on effect to working too much in that we are often guilty of not spending enough time with those people closest to us with this including our family. They see us growing up and we see the next generations coming along, but so many people hardly see them leading to them feeling sorry about it later.

11.Worked too much

This is a huge regret because we see that we spent too much time working and not enough time actually enjoying life itself. We cannot take that time back, so we end up wishing we had done things a bit differently.


12.Never chased dreams

A major regret that people have is that they never chased their dreams. They had ideas as to what they wanted to do, where they wanted to go, and what they wanted to be, but we are always guilty of thinking we will get another chance, but we very rarely do.


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