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True Stories That Will Make You Believe In Karma

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 8:30 pm

1.Philip Contos - Killed by the thing he Loved

In 2011, Philip Contos participated in an anti-helmet law rally Onondaga, NY. He was one of 500 motorcyclists in attendance. While riding his motorcycle one day, Contos' bike swerved from side-to-side out of control. He was thrown over the handlebars and hit his head on the pavement. He was pronounced dead at the hospital. State troopers said he would have survived if he had been wearing a helmet while riding.

2.Billy Ray Harris' Good Deed

Some good deeds do go unpunished. In 2013, a homeless man named Billy Ray Harris returned an engagement ring after someone accidently dropped it into his donation bucket. Within a week after returning the ring, Harris received a place to live, and someone repaired his bicycle. In addition to that, Harris also received nearly $100,000 in donations.

3.Lee Corso and the Lightning

Leeo Corso is known for his blunt commentary, but even he wasn't ready for what happened back in 2000. Just before the opening game of the 2000 season, sports caster Lee Corso remarked that Virginia Tech should not be playing a great team like Georgia Tech. Corso sort of got his wish when the game was called off due to lightning striking in and around the stadium. The downside is that Corso's car, which was in the parking lot, was hit by one of the lightning strikes. Lee Corso must hide under the covers anytime there's a lightning storm.

4.Mel Ignatow's deadly Glass Table

Mel Ignatow is probably one of the most hated men in Louisville, Kentucky. He asked a former girlfriend, Mary Ann Shore, to help him plan the murder of then-girlfriend Brenda Schaefer. Shore took photos while Ignatow bound, raped and sodomized Schaefer. They buried Schaefer's body behind Shore's house. Even though Shore told the FBI that Ignatow committed the crime, the jury concluded that Shore was the murderer due to her behavior during her testimony. Ignatow was then acquitted. Six months after the trial ended, evidence surfaced showing that Ignatow, without a shadow of a doubt, bound Schaefer to a glass table and killed her. Double jeopardy prevented a new murder trial, but Ignatow was put on trial for perjury. It was then that he confessed to killing Schaefer. He served five years of an eight year sentence for perjury. After his release, he reportedly hit his head on the same glass table and died slowly and alone in his house.

5.Csanad Szegedi's Family Tree

Before you slam someone, make sure you're not related to them. Csanad Szegedi's is an anti-Semite and a Hungarian politician. He became known for his anti-Semitic speeches. In a weird twist of fate, Szegedi discovered from an old Auschwitz death camp that there are records of his own grandparents being there. This bit of information proved that he comes from a Jewish family. Szegedi has since resigned.

6.Grace Slick's Drunken Occurrence

In 1971, Jefferson Airplane released their hit album, Bark. The album included band member Grace Slick's song "Never Argue with a German If You're Tired," which was a joke about her near-fatal accident during an illegal street-car race with Jorma Kaukonen. About seven years later, Slick was booted from the group for drunkenly taunting a German audience and almost causing a riot.

7.John Sedgwick - Killed by his Own Mockery

John Sedgwick was a Union Army general in the American Civil War. He was known to taunt his troops for ducking and dodging single bullets. He was quoted as saying, "I'm ashamed of you, dodging that way. They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance." Just minutes after uttering that quote, Sedgwick fell forward after a bullet hit him just below his left eye. He died on the spot. Sedgwick was the highest ranking Union casualty in the Civil War.


8.Thomas Midgley Jr. -Strangled By Own Invention

Thomas Midgley Jr. was a chemist known for inventing lead petrol and CFC; the same substance responsible for killing millions of people throughout the world. In 1940, the chemist contracted polio and lead poisoning, which left him severely disabled. He invented a device made of ropes and pulleys so he would be able to remain mobile, but the universe was not on his side. One day, he became entangled in the ropes of the device and died of strangulation at age 55.

9.Mastromarino: The Bone Collector

Michael Mastromarino became a millionaire from stealing organ tissue, bones and other body parts from over 1,200 corpses. It is said that over 10,000 patients unknowingly received hip and dental transplants from these corpses; some of which were diseased with AIDS and cancer. In July 2013, Mastromarino died from live cancer, which spread to his bones. He was 49-years-old.


10.Sigurd Eysteinsson& the Tooth

Sigurd Eysteinsson was victorious in battle and chopped off the head of an opponent. Instead of disposing of the head or leaving it on the battleground, Eysteinsson decided to take the head home with him. Unfortunately, a tooth in the mouth of his opponent's head grazed Eysteinsson's skin on the way back home. Within 10 days, Sigurd Eysteinsson died of an infection.

11.Harry Ziegland and the Tree

In 1883, Harry Ziegland broke up with his girlfriend. She didn't take the break-up well and committed suicide. Her brother wanted revenge, so he hunts down Ziegland and shot him in the head before taking his own life. Ziegland, however, wasn't dead. Apparently, the bullet only grazed his head and was lodged into a tree. A few years later, Ziegland decided to get rid of the tree, but because the tree had become so large, he thought blowing it up with dynamite was the best way to go. The explosion caused the bullet that once missed Ziegland to propel right into his head and kill him.


12.KLUE Radio's Failed Beatles Record-Burning

On August 13, 1966 KLUE radio station, out of Longview, Texas, organized a mass-burning of Beatles records and merchandise. The station organized this event after band member John Lennon said the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus." But the rally never happened. Just one day later, on August 14, lightning struck KLUE's broadcast tower; damaging the station's equipment and knocking the news director unconscious. The damage ultimately forced the station off the air. Talk about divine intervention.


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