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World's Most Frightening Museums

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 10:34 am

1.Anatomy Museum

The anatomy museum in Edinburgh does not just focus on humans, but it also has examples of so many different animals that you will just have no idea as to which way to turn. It is horrible, it is scary, and you come face to face with body parts that you wish you had never ended up seeing.

2.Icelandic Phallological Museum

Go on and guess what this museum is all about. Yep that is correct, this museum is all about the phallus. It contains examples from over 100 different animals and they are all there on display for you to check out and satisfy your curiosity as to how well hung a whale actually is.

3.The Catacombs of the Capuchins

This museum is in Palermo, Italy and it contains more than 8000 bodies of people that died hundreds of years ago. The scary part is that the bodies are on display, so you get some hanging from walls in rows and they are dressed in their best clothes. This is one tomb that you will never forget.

4.Meguro Parasitological Museum

You will find this museum in Meguro, Japan and it is certainly a place where you will find that your stomach is turning just by looking at the exhibits. As you might have guessed from the name it is all about different parasites, but of course this time they are being preserved before your very eyes and that alone is quite freaky in itself. If you hate bugs, you will hate this museum.

5.Medieval Torture Museum

This museum is pretty self-explanatory in that it focuses on ways that people were tortured hundreds of years ago. This means that it is quite gruesome when you see what we used to do to one another and if you are in Italy and feel like scaring yourself, then you need to visit this museum.

6.Museum of Anthropology

This museum in Italy focuses on criminals and it has over 400 individual skulls on display. The scariest part is that the guy that founded it, Dr Lombroso, actually has his own head on display with it all perfectly preserved in a glass case. If that is not a good enough reason for this to be seen as a scary museum, then what is?

7.The Mutter Museum

This is in Philadelphia and it has to be one of the most peculiar museums you will ever see in your life. It showcases parts of the human body that have been preserved and it has actually been open since 1858. In here you will see brains of murderers and abnormalities and there is no doubt that it is actually quite freaky to visit there.


8.The Glore Psychiatric museum

You will find this rather strange museum in St. Joseph, Missouri and the word strange does not really do it justice. It is set in an old mental hospital and that alone makes it creepy, but then there are various items and displays linked to mental illness and psychiatry in general and it shows how nasty that particular world used to be.

9.Musee Dupuytren

This is a museum that is in Paris, France and it is basically all about various medical abnormalities. All you will see are deformed bits and pieces, including fetuses, that are in glass jars and preserved for eternity. This is freaky and you need to just remember it is in the name of science even though you are now staring at it yourself.


10.Museum of the Mummies

This is a museum that is located in Guanajuato, Mexico and it is scary just because it is full of mummified remains. There are over 100 of them and they are men, women, and children that were buried alive over 100 years ago. Do be aware that this is not for somebody that tends to get nightmares quite a lot.

11.Ventriloquist museum

This museum is in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky and it is full of the dummies that are used in various ventriloquist acts. In actual fact they have more than 700 of them and there is something quite scary seeing all of these faces staring back at you as you just expect them to take on a life of their own.


12.Museum of death

This museum is in Los Angeles and as the name suggests it is all about death, but with a twist. Instead, this is a museum that houses artwork that comes from serial killers and you have to admit that is pretty spooky and freaky to go and see. It then goes further and has videos of people dying, so why would you want to see that?


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