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Yoga Vs. Drunk Poses

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:25 am

1.The crab

Ok so technically the person on the bottom is not doing the yoga pose due to the fact that they have just passed out, but at least with the way that they have passed out you can kind of see the resemblance. However, take the person away that is under them and you just know that they are going to fail.

2.Arched back

To do this pose correctly you need to have some strength in your arms and shoulders. However, the drunk person must clearly feel that they are unable to do this without some help leading to them using the urinal for some support. If you block out the urinal it is at least a good attempt, so congratulations to them.

3.Legs over

Ok so this is not the easiest of yoga poses either, but at least the drunk person realized that they needed some help from a prop in order to have a good go at replicating it. The result is what you see at the bottom and there is no doubt that they should be applauded for it.


This is a very poor attempt and the guy at the bottom should be ashamed of it. He has made very little attempt at getting his butt up in the air, but that is of course because he has his head stuck in the metal basket at the front. Maybe he has a neck problem that needs to be supported or something?

5.Lying down

This is a pose that drunk people really do excel at and in actual fact it does mean that everybody that has been drunk at some point has indeed also done yoga. However, drunk people do this rather too well and it does often lead to feeling ill the next time they move whereas with yoga you are supposed to feel better after it.

6.Leg spread

The drunk person has to be proud of their attempt at this pose because apart from using the toilet as a chin rest they do have it pretty much spot on. The person doing the yoga should be quite proud of how their pupil is doing although you do expect it to be difficult to get them back up.

7.Resting 2

Somebody needs to tell the drunk person to keep their head more straight, but apart from that it is a half decent attempt at this pose, but once again it is going to be difficult to get them up from it for a considerable length of time. They should have also not bothered about using a prop, so the toilet is ruined for no reason.



The entire idea of this yoga pose is to rest with it and the drunk person has managed to do that rather too well if the truth be told. In actual fact you can see there being a problem in getting them to move from that resting position for a number of hours, so perhaps they have taken yoga a bit too seriously.

9.Cat like

Once again this shows that at times props are required in order to help you get that all important stretch with your yoga pose. The only problem here is that they do need to keep their head up a bit higher, but overall their pose is good and at least they have put in an effort to get it looking as accurate as possible.


10.Arch up

This yoga pose would be difficult to do if you were indeed drunk, so this person has decided to use a flower put to help them out. Once again it shows that even when drunk some people can be very clever indeed, but why they want to replicate a yoga pose at this point is a mystery.

11.Butt up

The first thing you wonder here is how you actually get into this position when drunk in the first place. Surely it is not a natural drunk pose so they must have been put there, but at least they do then copy the yoga pose. In all honesty the drunk guy appears to be getting the most out of the entire thing as well.


12.The arched back

This guy here has clearly looked at the picture at the top and decided that he could replicate it, but his legs need a bit of help. That has led to him using the chair as a prop and you have to applaud him for the ingenious way that he got around a problem even though he was drunk.


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