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15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:47 pm

Technology has completely changed the way humans interact with each other. It also changed the way people see sexual satisfaction. 'Sexting' is a thing. It is so popular that it became an acceptable word throughout the world. Sexting is nothing but role playing a sexual encounter via text messages. Sometimes it goes bad. Here are fifteen times sexting went completely wrong.
7.This Cracker of a Joke

Peeps, if you are ever troubled by men or women who don't stop sexting you, try to send them replies like these back. A bit of sarcasm and quick wit will instantly put their roaring libidos to an end! You can check how this lady stopped 'sext attack' on her with a hilarious reply.

This Cracker of a Joke-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

8.Please Fold Them Neatly

Anyone who reads that reply would never sext them back again! As you can see from the picture, a person tried to sext with another person telling them he wanted to take his or her clothes off. The other person replied back asking him or her to fold the clothes neatly! We bet he or she will never try to sext with that person again.

Please Fold Them Neatly-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

9.Who Want to See Mah Boob?

This is hilarious! The girl has started this funny conversation asking the guy if he wants to see 'mah boob'. Unfortunately for him, his excitement didn't last long! He got the disappointment of his life when he saw that athlete named 'Mahboob'. This girl perfectly knows how to troll men!

Who Want to See Mah Boob?-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

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