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15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 3:47 pm

Technology has completely changed the way humans interact with each other. It also changed the way people see sexual satisfaction. 'Sexting' is a thing. It is so popular that it became an acceptable word throughout the world. Sexting is nothing but role playing a sexual encounter via text messages. Sometimes it goes bad. Here are fifteen times sexting went completely wrong.
13.Don't Be a Bad Girl!

We don't think that guy has grown enough to understand what she was talking about! As you can see from the image, he is warning her telling that Santa will bring her a lump of coal if she doesn't stop being naughty! Now guys may think why girls always give chances to those who are not willing to take them.

Don't Be a Bad Girl!-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

14.That's Not How You Sext

Sexting isn't for everyone. Some people are way too bad at it that they instantly kill the good mood of their partners. Check this guy who was trying to be naughty with his girl. He said he would be touching her with all eight limbs if he had eight limbs like octopus! Well, they are called tentacles and they are only good at sucking and it looks creepy.

That's Not How You Sext-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

15.When You Want Fun, But Life Keeps Haunting You

That dude will not forget that chemistry subject even in his dreams! Unfortunately for him, that thing has been haunting him for months! As you can see from the image, it was that guy who initiated the conversation telling her that he wanted to kiss. When she gave him the chance he was looking for, his chemistry subject got into the action!

When You Want Fun, But Life Keeps Haunting You-15 Times Sexting Went Wrong

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