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Amazing Facts About Sex

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 5:07 pm

Loading... in a Car

sexual intercourse can be performed just about anywhere. Even though most couples keep their sexual rendezvous confined to the bedroom, it's not the only place to make a little love. The second most popular place to have sex in the U.S. is in the car. Just as long as your car is parked and you don't accidentally hit the gas pedal, you should be fine.

2.No sex During Menstruation

Menstruation is a natural occurrence in a woman's life, but some men still don't see don't want to touch their better-half during that time. Experts say that about 70 percent of men refuse to have sex with significant other when she's on her period. These men would rather receive oral pleasure during that time of the month.

3.Humans & Dolphins Both Enjoy sex

Most animals in the animal kingdom mate to keep the circle of life going, but not Dolphins. When you look at dolphins and humans side-by-side, they have absolutely nothing in common. Contrary to their physical appearances, humans and dolphins are the only species, on earth, that have sex for pleasure.

4.Sperm Is Filled with Protein

Women will never have to buy moisturizer if they have a man on-hand at all times. Sperm is said to be filled with nutrients. Studies show that sperm contains proteins that have the same anti-wrinkle effect as your everyday moisturizer - the same kind that tightens the skin and leaves it looking younger. The next time you buy your moisturizer, pay close attention to the ingredients. Makes You Feel The Burn

If you want to have some fun while having a fairly decent workout, just grab your partner and make love. Studies have shown that people burn about 200 calories during 30 minutes of sex. If you eat a Big Mac during the day, it will take about 90 minutes of sex to burn it off. These caloric measures do not apply to people who lie in bed like a lump and don't move.

6.Ejaculation Speed

Ejaculation isn't faster than a speeding bullet, but it can hold its own in a horse race. Ejaculation happens so fast that it sometimes occurs before both parties are ready. Experts say that the average speed of ejaculation is 28 miles per hour. Of course, this doesn't mean all men ejaculate at that speed. Men who suffer from premature ejaculation are probably in a league all of their own.

7.A Teaspoon of Sperm is all it Takes

To the naked eye, a teaspoon of sperm may not look like much, but under a microscope there's a lot going on. On average, a healthy man has about 300 million sperm in just a teaspoon of semen. As a man ages, his sperm count decreases drastically. However, because of the amount of sperm that's contained in a man's semen, he is still able to impregnate a woman even in his 70s.


8.Chair Sitting = Arousal

Ladies, if you want to get aroused, simply pull up a chair and get comfortable. The female anatomy is filled with erogenous zones. The pudendal nerves, underneath a woman's buttock and the sitting bones all feed arousal tissues in the v@gina, clitoris, and anus. If a woman sits in a specific type of chair, pressing on the pudendal nerves in a certain way can lead to sexual arousal. Toy Arousal

A study out of London found that 61 percent of women find the mere idea of purchasing a sex toy to be arousing. Studies have also found that 66% of women would prefer to buy sex toys from an actual shop rather than via an online retailer. This could be due to the fact that women like to get a feel of what they're buying.


10.German Contraceptive

If you thought supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was a mouthful, then you're obviously not from Germany. In other languages, some words are either longer or shorter than the English version. In Germany, the word for "contraceptive" is Schwangerschaftsverhutungsmittel. The word is so long, that by the time you've finished saying it, it's too late to even ask for one.

11.Super Sperm

If men didn't know how to control their sexual desires, the earth would be overrun by people. Male sperm may look small and measly, they are extremely powerful. Studies have shown that one human male produces enough sperm in two weeks to impregnate every fertile woman on the entire planet.


12.The G-Spot

The G-Spot, often called the Gr�fenberg Spot, is the erogenous zone located on the bean-shaped area of the v@gina. Many know it as the G-Spot, but it was supposed to be called the Whipple Tickle after Professor Beverly Whipple, who coined the phrase. Thank goodness for the change, because Whipple Tickle sounds like an amusement park ride.


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