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Best Places To Meet Your Possible Love

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 6:58 pm

1.Dance Class

Dance class allows two strangers to touch each other and be in close proximity of each other, that they would have to wait at least two dates to accomplish. As your bodies move together, it's almost like making love on the dance floor. You can learn a lot about a person by the way they move their hips.


The supermarket has been known to be the starting point of a relationship. It's the old story of a guy not knowing how to pick out fruit, or what kind of milk to buy, coconut or almond. Soon a conversation can start, a smile, a locking of eyes, and you might be headed for coffee.


The beach is romantic, let's face it. The sand, the waves, and the skimpy attire. People are generally happier and more open to chatting it up. The advantage of the beach is what you see is what you get. No surprises when the clothes come off, and suddenly her 34C turns in to a 34A minus.

4.Improv Class

When taking an improv class, people really let down their guard and open themselves up. In situations that take place on stage can come real bonding. You get to know someone really well as you see them each week, and they open up more and more, showing their true personality.

5.Wine Tasting Event

Wine tasting is a great idea if you want to meet like minded individuals. And the wine helps to loosen everyone up. You may find your soulmate in someone who likes the same Merlot as you do, or be attracted to a fellow Pinot Noir lover. It's a conversation starter. Just pace yourself, you don't want to appear as a lush.

6.The Gym

The gym is a great place to meet potential mates. You don't want to come off as hitting on a woman, or man, when they are working out, but starting a conversation and friendship can lead to more. You may end up going out for coffee after the gym, and boom, you're off and running. Pardon the pun.

7.Online Dating

Online dating is so mainstream, almost every single person has at least one online dating account. Whereas in the past online dating was looked at as being desperate, now it's just part of the fun. Many long term relationships and marriages have resulted from meeting online. Just make sure to always meet in a public place the first time.


8.Outside Of A Bar

Inside the bar, everyone is on high alert. Women are on guard against drunk men who approach them, all wanting the same thing, and men are like dogs, sniffing out anything that breathes. However, outside things are more relaxed. People are talking, having a smoke and relaxing. That's when sparks can really fly.


Work is the number one place where people fall in love. That's why there are so many extra marital affairs. As you work together, you really get to know someone and respect them. Someone you may never have looked twice at, suddenly causes you to take notice in a romantic way.



A new person in your building, or across the fence, can blossom into love. You see each other almost every day, or you can time it that way, and soon you're talking about more than the weather. Proximity breeds familiarity and you are more likely to find someone with depth than just a superficial attraction elsewhere.

11.Dog Park

A dog park is a great place to meet your next big love. People are less on guard and more apt to talk, especially about their dog. If you become a regular, you are bound to see the same people and develop a great friendship that leads to much more. And your dogs can become siblings.



At a wedding, love is in the air. Single women are seeing the connection between the bride and groom, and want that for themselves. And men, knowing this, use it as a great way to meet women. Both are more into, and open to, finding someone than at a bar or club.


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