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Tips For A Happy Marriage

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 4:59 pm


Make sure that each other manages to have a nice breakfast as it helps get the day off to a good start and you should both be smiling from the outset. You do not have to go for a full on gourmet breakfast because just the fact you have thought about it and made sure that they are not hungry can often count for so much.


Yes your wedding anniversary is a big deal, but if he forgets it do not go over the top with your criticism of him as it happens and people do make mistakes and lose track of days. However, if he forgets your name, then clearly there is an issue there, so accept you make errors and your marriage will be better.

3.Don't eye up others

It is only human nature to think that somebody else in the world other than your partner has a wonderful butt, legs, or anything else you care to imagine. However, your partner does not have to know that you think this especially if you pass judgment on a regular basis. This is only going to put stress and strain on your marriage and it could have so easily been avoided as well.


Do your marriage a huge favor by remembering to laugh at various times as this is going to help ease any tension in the air and just make sure that you both have fun times together. It is better if you are laughing on a daily basis, but of course there is also a time and a place for it and knowing when to do this is perhaps the most important thing of all.

5.Pets do not come first

Yes it is great having a pet and they can give some great family time together, but do not go out of your way to spoil them with treats if you are not doing the same to your other half. You need to remember that they are number one in your life and not your pet, so drop that snuggling of your dog or cat and get snuggling your partner instead.

6.Share chores

Do not allow the other person to do all of the chores around the house, but instead make sure that you both do your equal share even if you hate them. It does only take half of the time to work your way through them if you are a team, so drop those expectations of the other person and get a rota going and life will be a lot easier.

7.Share secrets

Sharing secrets shows that you trust them and this alone is a very important part of actually developing your marriage. Trust is a massive thing, so by openly talking to them about various things, including any fears you have, can keep a marriage stable although clearly this depends on the secret.


8.Angry in bed

Do not worry if you end up going to bed angry with one another as that is not a sign of there being any problems in your marriage. Instead, be willing to say to each other that you are not happy, but you will discuss it in the morning as this allows you both to calm down and the problem to be resolved in an adult manner.

9.Winning arguments

Are you the type of person that always has to win an argument? Will you not let go until you have done so? Well this could lead to problems in your marriage and could ultimately spell the end of it. Accept that at times the other person is going to be right and talk to one another rather than trying to satisfy your own ego.


10.Mind reading

You are not mind readers, so do not assume that your other half is one and can always know what you are thinking without you telling them anything. Communication is essential in a happy marriage, so if there is an issue talk to them about it or the problem will only get worse and lead to more arguments and an unhappy marriage.

11.Cook together

Do not just take it for granted that one person will cook and the other watches television because in actual fact doing something as simple as cooking together can help to strengthen the bond between one another and result in a longer and happier marriage. This is something that a lot of couples actually do not do, so make that change now.


12.I love you

These three words may be very small, but they can mean so much and it is important that you tell them to each other every single day. This is not over the top, unless you tell them 100 times a day, as it just acts as this small reminder about how special they are to you and your life.


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