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Worst Wedding Dresses

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:18 pm


This woman is among the most talented creatures on the face of the earth. She is a smart, savvy successful woman. But this dress suggests that she has been kidnapped by a drunk alien who doesn't understand the concept of fashion subtlety. It's beyond funny. It's almost sad.

Beyonce-Worst Wedding Dresses

8.Black dress

If a white wedding dress denotes purity and innocence, then what does a black wedding dress denote? In this case it seems to indicate that the wedding is a part of a hostage situation. If you look closely you can see the guy saying, "nobody moves, nobody gets hurt."

Black dress-Worst Wedding Dresses

9.Rainbow dress

"Honey, I think I should wear something special for our wedding." "Yeah, dude." "Like maybe a big, bright rainbow dress." "Yeah, dude." "And maybe we can have some gremlins deliver the ring." "Yeah!" "And how about a unicorn. Can you find a unicorn?" "Totally, dude. Uh... honey? Where did you put the Pink Floyd CD?"

Rainbow dress-Worst Wedding Dresses

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