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Worst Wedding Dresses

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 9:18 pm

4.Miles of satin

This would be a perfectly fine wedding dress if the woman in the picture was eleven feet tall, but she's probably not. In fact, she's probably standing on the shoulders of an exhausted man who's sweating profusely and wondering why he ever thought this was a good job to take.

Miles of satin-Worst Wedding Dresses

5.Blob dress

Somewhere under this mountain of fabric are this woman's legs and the rest of the dress. Right now she's probably thinking where did things go wrong? Why did I decide this much cleavage was a good idea? Why can't a feel my legs anymore? Maybe if I fake a heart attack, I can leave with some dignity before I make any more mistakes.

Blob dress-Worst Wedding Dresses

6.Furry disaster

Models are known to wear a look on their faces that often border on annoyance. But the look on this unfortunate model's face is one of disgust. It is the look of a woman about to fire her agent and file charges against the fashion designer who spit out this mess.

Furry disaster-Worst Wedding Dresses

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