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15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 1:53 pm

From horrible flight experience to being robbed by local burglars, a vacation can go wrong in many ways. You must consider yourself lucky if you ever managed to go on a holiday with no real problems. Frequent travelers know all the travel-related problems very well. Read fifteen worst travel experience stories, as revealed by the travelers themselves. Some of the experiences shared here are really bad and traumatic. Make sure to read all of them as it may help you prepare yourself well for your next vacation!
10.That Was One Long and Tiresome Journey

Flew to South Korea on business. I had been there once before with a group of coworkers, but this time I flew alone. It's a hell of a long trip and I can't sleep sitting up. Bone tired, I arrive in Seoul, knowing that there is a 3 hour car ride ahead of me. I arrive at my destination dead on my feet, but there was no one there expecting me. I had no room, and since the next day was a holiday, the guy who was supposed to have everything arranged for me was gone on vacation. There I was late at night, unable to speak the language, and my contact unavailable. Fuck this.

That Was One Long and Tiresome Journey-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

11.One of the Travelers True Nightmares

I got quarantined in Estonia for swine flu. No one spoke English and they shoved something up my nose so far I think it touched my brain.

One of the Travelers True Nightmares-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

12.Middle East Problems

Went to visit my family in Lebanon in the summer of 2006, then the war broke out. Tried to escape through Syria but the roads were already destroyed so we just escaped to Eastern Lebanon and hid out there for a while and watched as different parts of the country were being bombed. The scariest part is going to bed and not knowing if you're going to wake up in the morning.

Middle East Problems-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

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