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15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 1:53 pm

From horrible flight experience to being robbed by local burglars, a vacation can go wrong in many ways. You must consider yourself lucky if you ever managed to go on a holiday with no real problems. Frequent travelers know all the travel-related problems very well. Read fifteen worst travel experience stories, as revealed by the travelers themselves. Some of the experiences shared here are really bad and traumatic. Make sure to read all of them as it may help you prepare yourself well for your next vacation!
13.Traveling Next to Kids? You Never Know What Happens Next!

I was projectile vomited on by an infant on a flight from Toronto to Ecuador. The mother didn't even blink, handing me a baby wipe without so much as an apology. Travel tip: always carry garbage bags in your suitcase. You never know when they could come in handy!

Traveling Next to Kids? You Never Know What Happens Next!-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

14.They Lost Everything

My friend worked for the airline and 3 of us went to Punta Cana for the weekend. Friday night was good no problems aside from friend getting obliterated, Saturday night we were extorted by the dealer at the casino and spent the night in a tiny crack room while our bank accounts were being drained and all our phones/cash was stolen. We had to have someone wire us money and it was just a shit experience.

They Lost Everything-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

15.When Chickens Attack!

Once was travelling through Bangladesh while working out there for a project and it was a really hot day. My colleague booked us a car but I woke up late so had to take a bus to a town 3 hours over. Waited for bus, took it and ended up next to a chicken farmer, with cages full of angry chickens. They attacked us. Left me with cuts on my arms and chest.

When Chickens Attack!-15 People Reveal Their Worst Travel Experience

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