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Craziest Beds

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 5:32 am

1.Star Wars

Yes this really is the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars and the eye for detail here really is outstanding as it appears as if every tiny piece is included. The idea of it being a bed for an adult is, however, a bit strange, but I guess if you are some kind of super geek when it comes to these movies you will love it and at least it is very different to anything else out there.

2.Car bed

Having a car bed is fine if you are a kid and indeed it is perhaps to be expected for a boy, but hopefully this is for a kid and not an adult as that is taking things too far. It is a shame that the front of a Mercedes has been used for this, but the bed just looks mad. I think most people would prefer the Mercedes rather than this rather poor and strange alternative.

3.Star wars II

Yes this is another Star Wars bed, but it is even crazier than the Millennium Falcon version. Once again this is a bed that is not suitable for a sleep walker, but the idea of an adult waking up and sticking their head up at a window in it is actually quite funny especially if they cannot remember getting in there in the first place.

4.Nest bed

Have you ever looked at chicks and wished you could be in the nest beside them? Does it look comfy? Well you do have an opportunity to copy them thanks to this nest bed, but where do you even begin with it? The twig effect is cool, but it is just a crazy thing to sleep in and at least the child does look at home in it.

5.Swimming pool

This bed actually does have a swimming pool going around it, so good luck if you sleep walk. Surely the pool is better served by not having a bed in it? What do guests think when they see this? There are so many questions that will always remain unanswered with this bed such as why do it in the first place?

6.The bird

This bed is a real what the hell moment. At what point in your life do you decide that you want to sleep in a bird? They even appear to have metal feet and this cannot have been cheap, but it is mad to think about sleeping in there as an adult. Who actually designed it in the first place? Why did they decide to make it as classy as they could when it is just a bird bed?

7.Moon lander

If you love space travel and NASA, then maybe this really is going to be your dream bed. It is clearly a home made job as it looks quite flimsy, but they have an eye for detail and you just know that the scale will be perfect and not one single bolt is in the wrong place. This really is a bed for the space geeks, or just children that love the idea of rockets and the stars.


8.The box

This bed is strange in that it must be like sleeping in a double coffin. It looks well made, but looks can be deceptive and indeed imagine rolling over in the middle of the night and smacking your face off the wall of your very own bed? Surely this is not practical? Surely it would annoy the hell out of you on a nightly basis?

9.Giant bed

Ok this is not a real one, but it is still a crazy idea. This is not your normal bed as it also has a trampoline in the middle, but unless everybody on there is a dwarf, then it really is absolutely huge and could sleep far too many people for it to even be hygienic, but it would be interesting to find out how many could sleep on it.


10.Dinosaur bed

Surely this has to be a joke by the parents as this would make it difficult for virtually any child to fall asleep when all they do is look up and see the mouth of a dinosaur. They obviously love the topic, but it would freak out most kids and make nightmares a daily event, so at least in some situations they would not win parent of the year.

11.Roller Coaster

Obviously you do need a large room for this bed, but it has to be one of the craziest you have ever seen and is purely for the lover of the roller coaster. It would be strange lying there at one end and seeing your bed stretch out before you in this way, but you would have no room for anything else in your room making it useless.


12.Shark bed

Ok you are sleeping more on top of the shark rather than in it, but it is still a crazy bed to have in your room. You see that they also have fish in the windows, so they obviously love the ocean, but would you sleep on a shark?? Surely a dolphin would be better as they are nicer and do not go out to kill you whenever they have the chance?

13.Oregon trail bed

Yes your eyes are not deceiving you here as this bed is a replica of those wagons you see in westerns. The person that had this designed must have been a major fan to consider sleeping in this kind of bed as it is just rather peculiar and absolutely crazy. However, they have thought of every single part of the design so fair play to them.

14.The burger

Yes this bed is actually a burger, but it is not one that you should really feel like eating at any point soon. At least they have really thought about the detail in this right down to the seeds on the bun, but it is scary thinking of an adult sleeping in this at any point. Just remember the relish, or perhaps you have to wear red things in bed.

15.The sandwich

It is not just the bed that is strange here, but it is the entire room as they have tried to replicate a diner for a bedroom, which is certainly something most people would not do. There has clearly been a lot of effort put into this, but it just looks crazy and the idea of sleeping on this really does blow the mind. You must be a food lover to fully appreciate it.


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