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12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

Friday, Aug 14, 2020, 7:59 am

Reddit is one of the most active internet hangout places for millions of people around the world. It is a place where they share lots of things ranging from news to personal stories. There's one Subreddit on Reddit with the name, "Let's Not Meet," which is exclusively used by Redditors for sharing creepy personal experiences and stories of themselves or someone they know. If you love reading eerie, scary, and disturbing personal life stories, you have to read these 12 Reddit "Let's Not Meet" stories. 
10.The Guy In The Black Hoodie

This was about a year ago and I still have no idea what happened.
I was laying in bed with my wife at around midnight (same as I am right now, actually) and was looking at random stuff on my phone. Suddenly all electronic things in the house like the fan, alarm clock, lights, etc all lose about 75% of their power. It was like somebody just turned the electricity down in my house.
I immediately got up and went to my kitchen which had two large windows that looked into the back yard. I saw a guy standing there with a black hoodie looking inside the windows, and after a few seconds the power returned to normal and he walked away. I don't believe he saw me, but who knows.
I called our local dispatch immediately and gave the description of the guy and what had happened. I watched as two officers circled the area within 2 minutes.
They found nobody.
- VengeancExZero

The Guy In The Black Hoodie-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

11.Reason Why We Should Never Trust Strangers

It all started on saint patrick's day, in a small town, when I met a lanky guy that seemed like fun company. The sun was setting and he said he had some fireworks he could show off, and, having never seen fireworks up close, I agreed. Me, him, and a mutual friend walked to his house, and the fireworks were disappointing but at least not dangerous. On the way back to town he started flirting.
Now he was tall, VERY tall compared to me. I'd say definitely over 6', and I'm about 5'3". I thought he was kinda cute, so I flirted back. He decided to say "I almost want to make a move, but i don't want to scare you". I said go ahead and he grabbed me. He licked my neck and grabbed my crotch through my jeans. I was shocked. No one had seen this happen except the 3 of us in a dark alley at around 8pm. Somehow, I forgave him. I thought he was just, I don't know, bad at these things, that maybe he was drunk or tired or something. I remained friends with him. He was one of the only friends I had.
It was now summer, I was bored, I went to his house, alone, without telling my parents, because they'd just be worried for no reason. It looked dusty and old, like, peeling paint and a blanket of dust in some rooms, and something didn't feel right at all. I heard a dog and it sounded big, but it was in the yard. When I went into his bedroom he closed the door and there were holes in it. All over it, holes and slices. When he's mad he stabs his door, he told me. I was between him and the door. I remember looking past him and seeing a fish tank before hearing something, and flinching. He had thrown a knife into the door, it was impaled into the wood next to me. and now he was laughing because I flinched. "I knew that would scare you" was what he said.
I looked back at the fish tank, it was loud. he opened the door. He told me something that still haunts me. He looked me right in the eyes, so close, and at least a foot taller. Oddly, I remember his nose more than his eyes, with how close it was. In a tone somewhere between smalltalk and the kind of sound like you were complimenting someone's looks, "I could kill you so easily right now." Struggling to keep the fear out of my voice, after a forced laugh, I said that I'd rather sit outside together, rather than inside with all the dust.
I then told him I was going to go get us some ice creams, because he was not allowed to leave his house after his last suicide threat. I tried to keep steady as I walked in the general direction of the carvel. I made sure I was out of his sight. I called my mom, and asked to be picked up, told her I wanted to be picked up because I was bored. She said she could get me in an hour. I decided to spend that hour on the other side of the town, in the library. She said something like I looked sick. I told her it was just the heat and she believed me.
- Angry_Sapphic

Reason Why We Should Never Trust Strangers-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

12.This Creepy Neighbor

I'm a small female living alone in a large city. Knowing exactly what this could mean for me, I'm pretty wary of my surroundings and the people in it.
I recently moved to the back of an apartment complex, to the third floor which I was very excited about since I hate being on ground level. A few days after moving in, I met my across-the-way neighbor, Steve. Steve was tall and skinny with dark hair and the tryings of a beard. He was nice, polite in our few passings, but we never had more than an exchange of a few hello's until one Saturday night.
My friend dropped me off at my place late that night and I stumbled up the stairs, stupid drunk. I knew I was making a racket because Steve opened his door as I approached mine. I waved at him and smiled as I fumbled for my keys.
I was facing my door, trying to remember which key it was as they all looked the same, and I felt Steve come up behind me. He grabbed my hand with the keys and breathed "Let me help" and immediately found the correct key and helped me put it into the keyhole. It could have been romantic, looking back, if this guy hadn't proceeded to stick his nose into my hair and take a deep, shaky breath. The red alarms immediately started going off in my head and cut through my drunken stupor. My breath was frozen in my throat and I realized just how fucked I could possibly be.
"Thanks," I mumbled before slipping through my door and locking it behind me. I stood there for a moment going what the fuck, when I heard a soft thump on the other side of the door.
I slowly turned and looked through the peep hole, but I couldn't see anything, only blackness. Which didn't make any sense because there was a light outside which kept the staircase lit. I blinked and stepped back before checking again. This time I saw Steve backing away from the peep hole. My body felt like it was dunked in ice water. Steve went back into his apartment and I didn't hear anything else that night.
For a few weeks after that, I would hear the same soft thump and find Steve trying to peer into my apartment from the peep hole. I could hear his heavy breathing. Sometimes he would even paw at the door, but he never came out when I would come home after that first time.

This Creepy Neighbor-12 Creepy Reddit Let's Not Meet Stories

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